7 Secrets to Get You a Job Interview Tomorrow

So you want to know how to get a job interview, easy? If you’re feeling stuck and unable to get your shot, then I’m glad you’re here! These 7 secrets focus on creating positive interaction with the hiring manager so we can get you sitting down for an interview, and you’ll get your shot at landing that new career you’ve been working for.

1. Put in the Application
That may sound silly, but there’s some of you reading this that haven’t even applied for the job you want yet. GO DO IT. The application just get’s your name in the system. Don’t worry about what is, or isn’t on your resumé. It’s not that important. Just get your name in there!

2. Follow up in person
So if the application gets your name in the system, then you have to take action once it’s in there. Don’t call them, go in person and ask for the hiring manager. This way they get to see you, hear you, and that gives you the chance you need. The chance to make an impression!

3. Dress appropriately
I’m going to share with you what I call The Pocket Square Theory.

When a guy shows up dressed so nice that his pocket square matches his shoes, something’s up.

Here’s why, if he puts THAT MUCH effort into what he wore to the interview, he’s hiding something, overcompensating, or both. So how do you know what to wear? Try to slightly out dress the person interviewing you. For example, if it’s a construction job, and the foreman is going to be in a polo, jeans and work boots, then you should wear a polo, jeans, and dress shoes.

Click here for my Printable Cheat Sheet for the 7 Secrets!

4. Be confident
It’s a mindset, and it’s one you can hack. Think like this:

You are going to get hired, and you know it, and you’re excited about it.

That last part about being excited is important because it keeps you from appearing arrogant. Now say it out loud, do it again, do it again. Repeat it in your mind. Make it the future that you see, and feel. “I’m going to get hired, and I know it, and I’m excited about it.”

5. Be direct
Being direct communicates that you’re assertive by nature, and thus will be an employee that takes action on your own. That’s an attractive quality, because boss’s don’t want to have to babysit you. So, how do you be direct?

1.Smile big, smile a lot.
2. When the hiring manager comes out, don’t stand still, walk towards them just a bit.
3. When you shake hands, lean forward slightly, still smiling.
4. Your handshake should be firm, but slightly less firm than the hiring MG.
5. Introduce yourself and hold the handshake for 2 seconds too long.
Practice this with a friend before you go in.

6. Assume the Interview
After you exchange names, have a strong line ready that assumes you’re going to get the interview. Again, do it confidently, but not arrogantly.
Don’t say “what time is my interview?”
Do say “I’m excited for the opportunity to sit down with you.” And remember, SMILE!

7. Know your schedule, be flexible
When they set up the interview, it’s going to be within the next 7 days. You need to know exactly what’s going on in your life so you can know what your availability is. Also, be flexible, so if they set up the interview for a time when you have something else going on, tell them you’re available, and then reschedule your prior engagement. What’s more important, you finally getting the job you want, or that thing that was already on your schedule?

Now go get that job interview!

The only thing left is for you to take the action! Get out there, and be yourself, confidently. You’re going to get the interview, and you’re going to get your shot! 🙂

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