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The Seesaw of Balance (Work Life Balance is a Myth)

The Seesaw of Balance

Work Life Balance is a myth.

If you try to achieve it, you will either fail, or live a life of mediocrity.

Achieving “balance” is a fool’s errand.

You think Tom Brady is balanced?
You think LeBron is balanced?
You think Ronaldo is balanced?


In order to be great, you have to put in too much work to be “balanced”.

Think about the word.

Balanced means you have something held perfectly in the middle so no part of it falls.

You can’t be an amazing father living in the middle.

You have to put your phone away and jump on the trampoline, blindfolded, chanting “Mummy, mummy come alive”.

You can’t be a high achiever at work living in the middle.

You have to wake up before dawn to grind on that big project, day after day, until it’s done and you crushed it!

Here’s Why Work Life Balance is a Myth (and how to actually win big)

It’s less about balance and more about appropriate pressure.

You don’t go hard at work 24/7 and you don’t jump on the trampoline 24/7. You pick and choose the times when you will go balls to the wall!

This, admittedly, is a concept that I have struggled with my whole life.

I tend to be HIGHLY unbalanced, running to one end of the seesaw, staying there shouting about how amazing it is, until it eventually it starts to wear on me and I burn out.

The way to do it correctly is to go to one end of the seesaw, DOMINATE, then head back to the middle.

When another opportunity comes your way, you head to that end of the see-saw for a bit, DOMINATE AGAIN, and then head back to the middle.


Don’t work for harmony.
Pick your moments and WIN BIG.


Everything is My Fault

Learn to take personal accountability for everything in your life = you making shit really happen in your life.

You’re in control of 100% of your life.

Yes, there are things that happen to you that you’re not in control of…

But no matter what you always control your reaction to them, and you control your mindset.

You decide if you are going to…

Play defense (complain).


Ply offense (attack)

It’s no surprise that the humans that shape or worlds play offense!


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The Way You Do It Isn’t Right

The way you do it isn’t right. It also isn’t wrong.

The way you do it is the way YOU do it.

That’s because there is no RIGHT. Only right for YOU.

So don’t judge others for the way they do it, because that is THEIR right.

But more importantly, don’t judge yourself.

You’ll see someone that you look up to doing a Youtube video and WISH you could talk like that on camera, or you see an Instagram post and with you could take pictures like that…this silly list goes on and on.

Rest assured

You are doing it the right way for you…


Don’t get caught measuring your success vs others, because it’s CREATIVE KRYPTONITE.

Nothing will stop you in your tracks faster than comparing your work to someone else’s.

Go do what’s right for you. And that’s going to take some testing, but you’ll never know until you do it!

Ready, set MAKE IT!



The Internet Will Pay You (But You Gotta Hustle)

The internet is here, and it’s ready to start paying you.

So is it easier, or harder than getting a regular job?

I guess that depends on you!

So in this blog post, I’m going to give you the framework to get going and start earning. Let’s go!

It takes a lot of work to get good at something, but once you are good at it, I can 100% guarantee you there’s someone out there that will PAY YOU to do that that thing, rather than learn it themselves.

That’s the way ALL business works.

You need groceries, and you are willing to pay more to have it all in one place: Walmart.
You need your lawn cut, and you might be willing to pay to NOT have to do it. Landscaper!
You need your car fixed, and learning to do it yourself is DAUNTING, so you pay a mechanic.

So how the hell do you make money on the internet?

My first suggestion, and this is a key component here, is to start trying.

Novel idea, I know. But…

The more you talk about it, and the more you think about it, and the more you ponder it and contemplate it, and dread the fact that you don’t know how to do it, is just longer until you make it happen.

So do a fast brainstorm, and figure out what you are amazing at that other people are less amazing at.

Just make the damn list!

Once you do, ask you best friend, and your significant other, and your mom what’s missing from the list.

You’ll be shocked how many things your amazing at.

Ok next suggestion, make it a side hustle. Seems obvious, but I’m not saying that as a means to communicate to you NOT to quit your job, no.

I’m saying that with emphasis on the word HUSTLE. After all, what did you think this would be easy?

If you want to make it work, you have to STOP watching Netflix. You have to STOP sleeping in.

You need to be working at your job from 9 to 5 and then working on your side hustle from 5 to 11.

Here’s the punchline: You have to figure out how to turn that list of talents into a business, and then you have to get people to want to hire you for your service that you will provide.

Not easy, but well worth it!

And finally, my last suggestion, and maybe the most surprising thing you might expect me to say, but I mean it 100%…is to go join an MLM. That stands for Multi Level Marketing, or the dirty name it goes by is “a pyramid scheme”.

Joining an MLM isn’t something that you should take lightly, meaning, find one that you will enjoy and believe in the product.

Here’s why…nothing can teach you more about what’s called “Internet Marketing” faster than a good MLM. When you join, there person that enrolled you makes money off your sales, and that means they want you to succeed!

You will learn how to sell. You will learn how to communicate. You will learn to read other people, and you will have to hustle and get out of your comfort zone.

Yes, I am in an MLM and my wife is actually in two of them! It’s great! We earn some money from it, and we believe in the products and use them daily, and were learning a ton too!

Bottom line, if you want to do it, fucking do it…the side hustle I mean. Just be sure that you’re ready to hustle!

I’m in an MLM that I really like, hit me up if you want the details. I also have this blog as a side hustle, and yes, I have hobbies and a family. I’m starting our podcast soon, and we also have a live cooking show that we do on FB.

It’s all work, and it’s all totally amazing!

Happy hustling.



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The Reason You Haven’t Accomplished Something Special (Yet)

The other day I wrote post called Imaginary Enemies where I talked about loving negative stuff like “haters” holding you down.

I didn’t know this at the time of writing it, but “imaginary haters” is a thing!! When I googled it I found a tons of memes!

imaginary haters Nick Glassett origin leadership

Now, I don’t happen to agree with all the memes, cause they are kind of mean!

But I do have larger opinions on this “haters” thing…

The Parade Without The Work

Anyone that says “Haters” are holding them back are people that want to have something special without working for it.

They’re talking about other people to distract you from the fact they aren’t doing anything.

There is no group of evil villains that twart your efforts to succeed.

You just don’t want to put in the work.

The poster child for this behavior is Johnny Manziel.

He wanted to be great, and he wanted to win and make an impact, but he didn’t want to practice. He didn’t want to watch film. He didn’t want to grind.

He wanted to Super Bowl Parade but didn’t want to have to work for it.

And guess what, he talked about haters too, and that means all he really wanted to do was TALK, TALK, TALK, and not do SHIT.

And in the end, he didn’t do anything but get labeled a BUST.

If you Think About Your “Haters”

I’m not trying to be mean, promise.

I actually spent a large portion of my life talking about things others should do, or what someone else should do to improve my situation.

I never talked about haters, but I surely talked more than I took action. I woke up to this fact after attending an amazing self development seminar called the Landmark Forum.

It was a sobering realization that I wait for others to do things, and I don’t take action myself!

It caused me to be a complainer honestly.


I’m writing this hoping that someone will read it and can wake up to the fact that they are being a coward.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is taking action is the presence of fear.

If you want to do it, go do it.

If you’re not going to go do it, then stop talking about it. (That’s a message to you and me both!)

Thinking is NOT doing I post this because I struggle with it, not because I’ve mastered it and not because I’m immune to it. . . . Thinkers are brilliant people but we can sometimes get bogged down by over analyzing. Or like in my case, I think that because I asked a great question that it will do something. It won’t. That’s because THINKING IS NOT DOING. . . . The secret to success lies in ACTION. And that sounds obvious, but ponder the amount of great ideas that you’ve had that you didn’t do anything with…Invention, app, website, business, GOING TO THE GYM… . . . Every second matters. So waste none, take action, get started!! Employee Motivation Quotes

It’s not the Haters you gotta worry about.
It’s using the “haters” as a scapegoat that holds so many back!

Go do what ever it is you’ve been talking about! Go accomplish something that you’ve been thinking about!

Take action today!

Love you 🙂


Slay That Dragon (A Lesson In Problem Solving)

Good morning!

We all have problems, and we all need to solve them. As a matter of fact, it could be argued that the meaning of life is actually solving problems!

Read: How to Solve All Your Crummy Little Problems (and Truly Make a Difference) 

I have an analogy that I use to teach active problem solving; I liken it to slaying a dragon.

The Dragon is Born

Now, the important part of this analogy is the timing of WHEN you slay your dragon.

Generally, when something starts off as a problem, it’s starts off small.

It can be the check engine light in your car, an employee showing up 5 min late, your significant other not doing something you asked, or even a boss saying something that you don’t agree with.

Now here is where problems and dragons really start to resemble one another…when they’re ignored.

You let that check engine light go, or your boss does something that drives you crazy and you bottle it up…it starts to turn into REAL problem.

As it continues to go unaddressed, it gets bigger and bigger. By ignoring it, you’re actually feeding it.

Then your frustrations start feed it, and your ego continues feeding it.

Now He’s a Real Dragon, All Grown Up and Angry

Pretty soon your dragon is 30 feet tall, has 3 heads, breathes fire, and lives in a dark dirty cave.

The very thought of taking on that dragon is so threatening that you would rather talk about it with every person that you know versus deal with it.

By the time you’re FORCED to do battle, you have to wear a suit of armor, take your sword and shield, and venture into that nasty cave to take on the beast!


If you act in the moment the problem is born, and address it (yes, with a tad bit of confrontation) the resolution of the problem will be very small.

Like slaying a dragon when it’s only 2 inches high!

You just swat it with your hand, and BOOM, it’s gone.

Heres a short 1 minute video of me teaching the concept to someone over the phone.

Slay your dragons when they are small, and you’ll free yourself up to help others slay their larger dragons!


Imaginary Enemies

Kids Have Imaginary Friends
Adults have Imaginary Enemies

I used to love negative stuff. That, “they held me down and I broke free” garbage.

Or these internet memes that say shit like “let the haters fuel you”.

It’s stupid, dude. It’s fake positivity.

If you care enough to nickname an imaginary group of people “haters” then you’re spending your time focused on the negative (and you’re possibly delusional).

I mean, honestly, no one hates you, and no one is trying to hold you back from accomplishing anything. Yeah, you probably have some competition out there, but they don’t hate you.

True Energy Comes in From Helping

Motivation is fickle. Inspiration comes and goes. Discipline waxes and wanes.

You want REAL energy?

Go change someone’s life. That’s where the energy is. That’s where the positivity is.

With just your words, you can move a person to tears. You can help them step away from their anxiety. You can show them that it’s possible for them to move their mountains!

I’ve spent a lot of years trying a lot of things. As an individual that tends to over think, I can, at times, end up down a rabbit hole working on things that have little ROI. • • Through a series of events over the past 52 weeks (almost exactly) I have found the values that have the largest ROI... • • And what’s odd is that all the things I tried to DO (with varying success), have started coming to fruition while not directly working on them. • • This post is VALUE #2: Bring others w/you. It was a caption to something I’d wrote the other day about working hard. I posted it to Facebook, and my dad picked out this quote. I had wrote it, and I missed the damn thing!! • • Thanks for pointing out the most important part that was buried in a caption dad! And happy Father’s Day!❤️

Add Some Practicality

Here, let’s think about it in a bit more practical way.

A text message from the right person can change your whole mood.

A text message from you can change someone else’s whole mood.

Stop right now and send one. A text that says “Thanks” or ” I miss you” or “I love you” and then smile because you’ve helped someone today.

I’d love to know who you texted and what it said!

Hit me @Nick_O_Glass on Twitter with the hashtag #textpositivity

When they reply tell them they can conquer whatever is in their world. The grind…or their demons…or whatever. Be there to support them, and you’ll keep them from blaming the haters!

Plugged In

Inspiring others and adding to the fullness of their life is being plugged into a real power source instead of running on batteries.

I mean, embrace the fact that maybe you’re and underdog, and of course we all have some sort of adversity that we fight against, but the focus is on YOU, the underdog, rising up to WIN.

Fighting against other people is fake. That’s running on batteries, and that motivation is short lived, guaranteed.

Be uplifting. It’s inspiring others to watch!



EGO & Your Life As A Community

Those who have subdued their ego understand that it doesn’t degrade you when others treat you poorly. It degrades them.” –Ryan Holliday

I’ve been thinking a lot about EGO lately, and it fits into my theory that most of the world is counterintuitive.

When we push to beat other people at things, when we compete, it’s actually a zero sum game, There is a winner and a loser, thus, no value is added. It’s was just moved from person to person.

Our EGO needs that win to validate us, yet we never feel validated. Never feel like we got what we were owed.

Once you realize something, it will shift how you see the world, and in turn shift how the world sees you, and more importantly reacts to you.

That realization is…

You can just stop competing.

Stop doing things to win. Stop measuring success against others. Stop egging on competition among teammates. Quit chasing that next rush for your EGO to soak in.

And guess what happens?

All the “stuff” that you’ve chased for years will start falling in your lap.

All the things that you’ve struggled to author will start being co-authored by others around you.

All that shit that you’ve wanted “credit for” will feel differed now because you don’t need credit for anything, because you’re not doing anything to receive credit.

Start seeing life differently. Feel it as a community, not a competition. Every single conversation is adding value and nudging your community in a specific direction. Every single interaction adds value to your community.

It’s not you against anyone. There are no “haters”. It’s you potentially changing someones world.

Your life as a community is part of a much larger community of your area, your state and of the world!

When we think of it like that, and you add value to someone, it adds value to the community, and in turn adds value right back to you.

Parkinsons Law Glassett Origin Leadership

I Don’t Need More Time. What I Need Is a Deadline (Parkinson’s Law)

So I’m currently unemployed.

Yes, it’s amazing in many ways, especially because I’ve worked over 50 hours every week since I was 19 years old (save for vacations of course) and worked over 60 hours per week since I was 25 years old.

I’m now 34.

I’m decompressing and trying to discover who I actually am without Journeys to define me.

And I’m learning something very interesting about myself…

What I have learned about myself over the last 3 weeks of having no job is…

I’m damn close to the person that I thought I was!

I was told that I’d have identity crisis. Or that I’d have to find my self or my personality…


Of course, some things in my head and in my actions are slightly different; I’m happier. Much more relaxed! 1000% more present in the moment without work to “worry” me or a work phone with never ending notifications nagging for my attention.

But all in all, I’m the same dude.

Still not super outgoing, but highly engaging once I’m in conversation.
Still not THAT funny, but kinda funny.
Still my same super power of sitting down at a table one-on-one with someone and having them ask me advice (an interview essentially).
Still a thinker.
Still a doer to the same level as before.

Maybe I’m more self-aware than I thought?

Maybe I’m more secure in who I am?

Shit, maybe I haven’t totally found myself yet and I will be someone different than I always thought? Who knows…

But what I will tell you is this…

Work Will Expand to Fill the Time Available for it’s Completion

It’s called Parkinson’s Law.

Basically, if you have 8 hours to do something, it’s going to take 8 hours.

If you have 8 hours to accomplish 2 things, it’s going to take 8 hours.

I have a quote that I got from somewhere a long time ago that has always been one of my favorites…

I Don’t Need More Time. What I Need Is a Deadline.

You know how that works! Your teacher in high school gives you 2 months to do a project, and what do you do? Wait until 3 days before it’s due to start.

As you struggle to finish, you say “I need more time!” and then your teacher (annoyingly) reminds you that the project was assigned 2 months ago.

That has become my life!

Now, I am for sure accomplishing more now than when I worked 60 hours per week, and the house is cleaner and I take the time to walk my son Boston to the bus stop every morning at 7:50am…

But I can’t finish as many things as I thought I could with all this free time! It’s been crazy!

Solving for Parkinson’s Law

I’m looking for the “life hack” to either overcome Parkinson’s Law, or how to add more things into the “time available for completion“.

I’m trying To Do Lists. They are getting more organized and robust, and that is going well.

I’m working on getting a LOOSE routine in place (mainly because routine drives me nuts).

I’m setting my alarm for 5:30am tomorrow and when that phone goes off, I’m GETTING UP.

This morning I set the stage so when I woke up, I had no pajamas to put on, only work out clothes. And Thursday is usually my rest day because I play indoor soccer on Wednesdays…But I put those clothes on, and then worked out once the fam was gone. I learned that trick from Jocko Willink.

It’s just odd not having any deadlines now!

Be interesting to see how this evolves 🙂



For the Love of the Grind (Why I Don’t Set Many Goals)

Good Wednesday Morning!

I had a funny conversation with my best friend last night.

He just got back from a 10 day vacation out in the wilderness at a family cabin up in north Washington (practically Canada), and he was telling me that he thinks that the way society is set up with work and bills etc is something that he disagrees with.

He just wants to go on adventures and not have to work.

There’s not a TON of advice to give here, but I at least tried…

I told him to start filming his “adventures” and putting it on the internet. Others do it and make a living!

He didn’t like that idea either though…lol.

My final advice for him was simple…it’s ALL work. Life I mean.

I have a MUCH different view of the world as he does, so in my opinion, work is where my enjoyment lives!

Not that I wouldn’t love backpacking through the Smokey mountains or 2 weeks in Europe attending as many soccer games as humanly possible, but…

It’s a BUILDING thing for me.

I want to create something that can change a person’s life.
A culture that they feel at home in.
A system that helps them succeed and fulfill dreams.
A company that impacts PEOPLE over and over and over.
A MACHINE that can exponentially raise my abilities to touch even more lives.

That’s why I love what I do.
That’s why I don’t set many “goals”.

I think goals are fine and dandy.
But I also feel passionately that no one grinds hard and makes tough decisions for years at a time so they can buy a new watch!

It’s the LOVE of that process and that grind that keeps me coming back day in day out.

Now for my buddy, what GRIND is he going to love? Who knows…

But look at what you do for a living, and find what you LOVE in there, but don’t just look at the activities (hiring, selling, training, analytics etc

Look at the VALUES.

My value is BUILDING. What’s yours?

Thank you!