Kids Have Imaginary Friends
Adults have Imaginary Enemies

I used to love negative stuff. That, “they held me down and I broke free” garbage.

Or these internet memes that say shit like “let the haters fuel you”.

It’s stupid, dude. It’s fake positivity.

If you care enough to nickname an imaginary group of people “haters” then you’re spending your time focused on the negative (and you’re possibly delusional).

I mean, honestly, no one hates you, and no one is trying to hold you back from accomplishing anything. Yeah, you probably have some competition out there, but they don’t hate you.

True Energy Comes in From Helping

Motivation is fickle. Inspiration comes and goes. Discipline waxes and wanes.

You want REAL energy?

Go change someone’s life. That’s where the energy is. That’s where the positivity is.

With just your words, you can move a person to tears. You can help them step away from their anxiety. You can show them that it’s possible for them to move their mountains!

I’ve spent a lot of years trying a lot of things. As an individual that tends to over think, I can, at times, end up down a rabbit hole working on things that have little ROI. • • Through a series of events over the past 52 weeks (almost exactly) I have found the values that have the largest ROI... • • And what’s odd is that all the things I tried to DO (with varying success), have started coming to fruition while not directly working on them. • • This post is VALUE #2: Bring others w/you. It was a caption to something I’d wrote the other day about working hard. I posted it to Facebook, and my dad picked out this quote. I had wrote it, and I missed the damn thing!! • • Thanks for pointing out the most important part that was buried in a caption dad! And happy Father’s Day!❤️

Add Some Practicality

Here, let’s think about it in a bit more practical way.

A text message from the right person can change your whole mood.

A text message from you can change someone else’s whole mood.

Stop right now and send one. A text that says “Thanks” or ” I miss you” or “I love you” and then smile because you’ve helped someone today.

I’d love to know who you texted and what it said!

Hit me @Nick_O_Glass on Twitter with the hashtag #textpositivity

When they reply tell them they can conquer whatever is in their world. The grind…or their demons…or whatever. Be there to support them, and you’ll keep them from blaming the haters!

Plugged In

Inspiring others and adding to the fullness of their life is being plugged into a real power source instead of running on batteries.

I mean, embrace the fact that maybe you’re and underdog, and of course we all have some sort of adversity that we fight against, but the focus is on YOU, the underdog, rising up to WIN.

Fighting against other people is fake. That’s running on batteries, and that motivation is short lived, guaranteed.

Be uplifting. It’s inspiring others to watch!



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