Good Wednesday Morning!

I had a funny conversation with my best friend last night.

He just got back from a 10 day vacation out in the wilderness at a family cabin up in north Washington (practically Canada), and he was telling me that he thinks that the way society is set up with work and bills etc is something that he disagrees with.

He just wants to go on adventures and not have to work.

There’s not a TON of advice to give here, but I at least tried…

I told him to start filming his “adventures” and putting it on the internet. Others do it and make a living!

He didn’t like that idea either though…lol.

My final advice for him was simple…it’s ALL work. Life I mean.

I have a MUCH different view of the world as he does, so in my opinion, work is where my enjoyment lives!

Not that I wouldn’t love backpacking through the Smokey mountains or 2 weeks in Europe attending as many soccer games as humanly possible, but…

It’s a BUILDING thing for me.

I want to create something that can change a person’s life.
A culture that they feel at home in.
A system that helps them succeed and fulfill dreams.
A company that impacts PEOPLE over and over and over.
A MACHINE that can exponentially raise my abilities to touch even more lives.

That’s why I love what I do.
That’s why I don’t set many “goals”.

I think goals are fine and dandy.
But I also feel passionately that no one grinds hard and makes tough decisions for years at a time so they can buy a new watch!

It’s the LOVE of that process and that grind that keeps me coming back day in day out.

Now for my buddy, what GRIND is he going to love? Who knows…

But look at what you do for a living, and find what you LOVE in there, but don’t just look at the activities (hiring, selling, training, analytics etc

Look at the VALUES.

My value is BUILDING. What’s yours?

Thank you!

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