Below is an email that I sent to all of our clients at my Christmas Light business, Let’s Get Lit (

I wanted to share it here for a few reasons…
-First of all I’m proud and I want to share our successes
-Second, I wanted to show any entrepreneurs or managers out there a GREAT way to ask for some google reviews.

It’s fine if you just ASK, I mean it’s your business do whatever the hell you want to do, but I feel strongly compelled to tell a story and add value in most everything I do.

Put it this way…I’d rather say thanks, and tell a story, and bury the link for google reviews at the bottom, then shamelessly ask and get potentially more reviews.

The “transaction” is second to the investment and gratitude. I may get LESS results from that today, but in the long run it will cause MORE winning and larger victories.

It’s karma baby 🙂


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Whats up Lets Get Lit Fam!!

What a year we had in 2021…Yes, the sheer VOLUME of homes and businesses we lit absolutely blew me away (111 Jobs), but the thing that was absolutely amazing was the reactions and love we got from not only YOU, but your neighbors and friends/fam too!

The other day I was checking our 7 year old, Boston, out of school to get his flu shot, and I ran into of my oldest clients and supporters, Jess. We started talking a bit, and then from behind me I heard another voice, “Oh my god you own Lets Get Lit?”

I smiled and said, “Yes I do…”

Before I could even finish what I was going to say, she said, “Wow ya’ll are so amazing! We saw one of your signs in Tchefuncte Country Club Estats and the house was beautifully done! My husband thinks ya’ll are so bad-ass, we’re getting you to light out house next year once the repairs are done!”

The feeling of pride and gratitude that I get when I hear things like that can’t be properly expressed with words.

I mean, this silly Xmas light idea of my next door neighbor Lori, that I named something totally weird, and themed with the color black, is not only successful, but it touches so many lives!

LGL Core Value #1: Aim to positively impact lives

It’s number one for a reason, and that’s because it TRULY is our aim, and I’m so damn proud to say that we are living true to it, and bringing some light to the world!

If you have a second, below is the link to leave us a google review, and it would mean the absolute world to me and the team if you could spread the good (or bad I guess) work about our little lighting company 🙂

Thank you all so much!!


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