I think you’ll agree with me that turning that passion and drive you have for your new business into revenue and clients is NOT EASY.

So here’s a quick outline of how to invest in your own business to get it making money fast.

At first, the investment that you’re going to make comes as your time.

You build everything yourself… From the logo, to the ads, to the marketing, the procedures, the website, the Facebook page…on and on.

And you should! You need to know how to do everything. You need to be an expert at every topic so you can grow the business.

You have to launch things, then measure the results, and tweak your process to improve the products.

Kind of a side note here; I highly recommend that you document this whole process with as many pictures and videos, as you possibly can, and post them to your stories. 

Trust me, in a year you are going to need to see where you were at at this time last year.

It’s fun, yes, but more so it’s extremely motivating to see how much you’ve grown as a business and as an entrepreneur. You will always feel like you have so much more to do, that you end up forgetting how far you’ve come 

When you have last year‘s results or progress documented to see on Timehop or on those little Facebook messages that say, “Your stories from a year ago.“ it’s a major inspiration to keep going and keep building.

OK, so after you invest all this time, a cool thing starts to happen… The business starts to work!  You have success, you have clients, and low and behold you’re finally making money!

At this point, all that time you’ve been investing in the business becomes a much more valuable resource…all the sudden you can’t get everything done!

So from here you have to figure out how to multiply yourself so you can be more efficient. The best way to do that is to introduce technology into your business.

Now when I say technology, I just mean an app or a service that can help you do the things you’ve been doing manually.

Example: you don’t need to manually book all the clients on a paper calendar after texting with them (please stop doing this NOW).

Your clients probably don’t like they have to text you anyway! It’s time consuming. They just want to book with you!

So you should go and get one of the million different services that are out there that can do those bookings for you.

It will free up so much time you’ll be shocked, and you can stop working as your own employee and work on being the CEO , launching new cool things and testing ideas.

I use InflatableOffice for my bounce house rental business, The Jump Off.
I use Jobber for my christmas light install business, Lets Get Lit.
I use Shopify for my online straps store.
I use Event Hawk for lead generation and CRM for all my businesses.

With the extra time you have, you can make better ads.
You can experiment with new processes.
You can grow revenue instead of being the worker bee!

As you become less busy and more focused, the business will grow even more, and all the sudden you’re actually back to where you were before…out of time because you’re so busy with clients! 

It can be stressful, but never forget that it’s the best problem in the world to have!

Now what you need to solve the problem, is PEOPLE.

In this article is not going to cover all the ins-and-outs of hiring, but I am going to give you some great tips here.

The first position that you should hire for is a job that’s non-customer facing. It’s the easiest thing in your business to do.

You can hire someone, train them on the procedure, and be mostly done with it. Yes, you have to check their work, but you don’t have to be worried about if your customers are being taken care of properly.

Just like when you got the technology integrated, this will free up so much time for you, and it keeps you interacting with the clients. That’s important because you’re still the engine that drives the business!

The non-customer facing tasks are also usually the lowest paid tasks so it’s easier to fit it on the budget.

The other thing you can do, is train a person to run your technology! They have to be smart and highly trustworthy, but they just get to stay at home and play on the computer all day!

I’ve now hired an admin that works from home, her name is Kassie, and she’s been AMAZING in getting me off the computer and back working on the vision of the business and on new tasks.

As of now I am working on a large project to teach my techniques for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and team building . It’s something I’m super passionate about so stay tuned for details on that project. Hopefully it’s coming out in summer or fall 2023!

And there you have it, the path to growing your business!

Please hit me on Twitter with your questions @nick_o_glass and as always thanks for reading ✊🏼

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