You had a great 2022, now you’re ready to really have HUGE business growth in 2023!

I get a ton of questions this time of year, as business owners close out the books on their year and look forward to how to double or even TRIPLE revenue from last year.

YES, I have the answers on how you can set you your 3 step action plan for business growth in 2023, and I’ll outline all those shortly, but the first thing you have to ask yourself is…

Do You Really Want Huge Business Growth in 2023?

Of course you WANT to double your revenue. I WANT to do $2 Billion in revenue!

The question that I’m really asking isn’t, “Do you want the money?”

The question is, “Do you want THE WORK?”
Do you want the stress?
Do you want the hiring?
Do you want the firing?

The true question is, “Do you want the problems that come with doubling your revenue from 2022?”

That’s what entrepreneurship is after all…problems coming at you.

More scale, more problems, coming faster, and they’re larger problems!

If you love sound of that, HELL YES, I do as well. Let’s scale to the moon!

If you don’t, I suggest you actually still follow the 3 steps below so as to make your life easier, but knowing the answer to what you truly want from your business is the answer to SCAEL, not money.

The 3 Step Action Plan for Huge Business Growth in 2023

These steps are in this order for a reason, so I suggest you solve each in the order that I present them.

#1 Regardless of your size, you need to SYSTEMIZE YOUR BUSINESS

Think McDonalds…Think FRANCHISE. How can you set up all your operations so the business could be run FLAWLESSLY by your cousin, while you’re at Disney World?

How can you streamline operations?
What can you do to remove your need to make any decisions?
What can you set up to make the workers day smoother and bulletproof?

The more important you are to your business, the less success you’ll have.

#2 Regardless of your size, you need a RECRUITING PLAN

If you’re a small business, you can’t do it alone forever, and if you’re already big, you can’t get bigger without people!

Here’s some good questions to help you form your recruiting plan…

How many interviews do you do a month/week? Depending on size, it should be minimum 2 a month. You don’t need more workers now, but you will soon, that’s a guarantee!

How often are you recruiting? Pretty much everyone’s answer to this is NOT ENOUGH. Tell everyone your hiring. Make it your life mission to have everyone know you want great help!

What does your interview process look like? Where do you interview? What questions do you ask? How do you ask those questions? This article can help answer these!

What are you actually looking for in people? I’m talking about their values, and natural motivations. Watch this video below for more on that.

When you do hire someone new, what does your training process look like? More detailed the better!

People will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be the key to scaling a business, period.

#3 Regardless of your size, you need a MARKETING PLAN

You can’t give your new workers hours if you don’t have clients. You can’t use your fancy new systems if you don’t have clients. Honestly, you can’t do anything without clients! Business objective #1 will always be GET CLIENTS!

4 types of marketing to focus your efforts on…

1. FREE – This is organic social media posts (99% Facebook Page). Look like a human, not a desperate business. Think REALITY SHOW vs ADVERTISER.
2. PAID – This is google ads and Facebook ads mainly. TikTok, LinkedIn, Snap… sure, but FB runs the world I promise. Teach yourself with this Youtube video.
3. SEO – This is the most important, and also the slowest. Get your SEO “perfect” today, you’ll be SUPER glad (and SUPER busy) in 8 months.
4. GUERRILLA – My favorite! Hit the streets with flyers, yard signs, magnets and beer koozies for clients!

I outline a lot of my marketing techniques in this video below

I have a partnership with an amazing marketing company called Event Hawk where you can get some amazing deals, and they KILL IT on the google ads!


I started with Event Hawk in April, and by the end of the year I was up 140% in revenue by the end of the year! So, give them a shot and at least schedule a call with them to discuss it.

I’m going to close this article out like this…

Hopefully I pushed you to JUST GO and plan your work! Go execute your personal action plan for business growth in 2023

Plan your moves. Make moves on your plans.

No one gets wild successful by accident. Sure, we all had some “luck”, but the moves are calculated and ON TIME.

Right now its YOUR TIME. Go get it and be aggressive about it!

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