Everything is My Fault

Learn to take personal accountability for everything in your life = you making shit really happen in your life.

You’re in control of 100% of your life.

Yes, there are things that happen to you that you’re not in control of…

But no matter what you always control your reaction to them, and you control your mindset.

You decide if you are going to…

Play defense (complain).


Ply offense (attack)

It’s no surprise that the humans that shape or worlds play offense!


Parkinsons Law Glassett Origin Leadership

I Don’t Need More Time. What I Need Is a Deadline (Parkinson’s Law)

So I’m currently unemployed.

Yes, it’s amazing in many ways, especially because I’ve worked over 50 hours every week since I was 19 years old (save for vacations of course) and worked over 60 hours per week since I was 25 years old.

I’m now 34.

I’m decompressing and trying to discover who I actually am without Journeys to define me.

And I’m learning something very interesting about myself…

What I have learned about myself over the last 3 weeks of having no job is…

I’m damn close to the person that I thought I was!

I was told that I’d have identity crisis. Or that I’d have to find my self or my personality…


Of course, some things in my head and in my actions are slightly different; I’m happier. Much more relaxed! 1000% more present in the moment without work to “worry” me or a work phone with never ending notifications nagging for my attention.

But all in all, I’m the same dude.

Still not super outgoing, but highly engaging once I’m in conversation.
Still not THAT funny, but kinda funny.
Still my same super power of sitting down at a table one-on-one with someone and having them ask me advice (an interview essentially).
Still a thinker.
Still a doer to the same level as before.

Maybe I’m more self-aware than I thought?

Maybe I’m more secure in who I am?

Shit, maybe I haven’t totally found myself yet and I will be someone different than I always thought? Who knows…

But what I will tell you is this…

Work Will Expand to Fill the Time Available for it’s Completion

It’s called Parkinson’s Law.

Basically, if you have 8 hours to do something, it’s going to take 8 hours.

If you have 8 hours to accomplish 2 things, it’s going to take 8 hours.

I have a quote that I got from somewhere a long time ago that has always been one of my favorites…

I Don’t Need More Time. What I Need Is a Deadline.

You know how that works! Your teacher in high school gives you 2 months to do a project, and what do you do? Wait until 3 days before it’s due to start.

As you struggle to finish, you say “I need more time!” and then your teacher (annoyingly) reminds you that the project was assigned 2 months ago.

That has become my life!

Now, I am for sure accomplishing more now than when I worked 60 hours per week, and the house is cleaner and I take the time to walk my son Boston to the bus stop every morning at 7:50am…

But I can’t finish as many things as I thought I could with all this free time! It’s been crazy!

Solving for Parkinson’s Law

I’m looking for the “life hack” to either overcome Parkinson’s Law, or how to add more things into the “time available for completion“.

I’m trying To Do Lists. They are getting more organized and robust, and that is going well.

I’m working on getting a LOOSE routine in place (mainly because routine drives me nuts).

I’m setting my alarm for 5:30am tomorrow and when that phone goes off, I’m GETTING UP.

This morning I set the stage so when I woke up, I had no pajamas to put on, only work out clothes. And Thursday is usually my rest day because I play indoor soccer on Wednesdays…But I put those clothes on, and then worked out once the fam was gone. I learned that trick from Jocko Willink.

It’s just odd not having any deadlines now!

Be interesting to see how this evolves 🙂



inspirational quotes for employee appreciation

17 Inspirational Quotes for Employee Appreciation

These inspirational quotes are going to be a bit different than what you would think.

It’s not going to be a bunch of RA-RA cheerleader stuff…hell no.

These quotes focus on building relationships that will raise performance and SHOW employees that you appreciate them. Not just some words that say it.

Let’s get right to it…

Top 3 Inspirational Quotes for Employee Appreciation

  1. The key to performance isn’t about trying push new conversations about strategy in, but rather clearing out the clutter.-Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan
  2. If you aren’t in over your head, then how do you know how tall you are? -T. S. Eliot
  3. Notice the difference between asking ‘Can I do this?’ And, ‘How am I going to do this?’Keep reading for the full list of all 17 Inspirational Quotes for Employee Appreciation…

How To Use These Quotes

These quotes are INSPIRATIONAL in that the goal is to inspire the employees to think for themselves, solve problems, and exploit opportunities!

They are not about cheering people on…

I call that kind of feedback MOTIVATIONAL because you’re trying to motivate people to try harder.

To use these inspirational quotes, you need a few things to be set up already:

  • Strong business relationships
  • Team of motivated individuals
  • Respect from the team

Let’s take a quick look at each of these…

Why Do You Care In the First Place?

Why do you want inspired employees and why do you want to show them appreciation?

If the answer is…

  • Morale is low
  • They don’t seem motivated, or
  • There’s a rumor that you don’t appreciate your employees

…then we’ve got bigger issues to tackle my friend!

So, listen closely…

The Toughest Work a Leader Can Do

There is no number of inspirational quotes to fix a dysfunctional relationship with an employee.

And fixing a strained relationship is the toughest work that a leader will ever have to do!

Before venturing any further I suggest you read this post. It’s about how impactful a leader’s words can be, for the better and for the worse!

When your relationships with your employees are all healthy, they begin to resemble more of a partnership.

If that describes your connection with your team, then we’re on the right track!

Before we talk about the inspiration quotes for employee appreciation, some food for thought…

Leaders Don’t Motivate, They Inspire

If your employees aren’t motivated, you’re going to need more than some badass quotes.

Here’s why…

Motivation = The Desire to Try
Inspiration = Feeling or Seeing the Leader’s Vision

Maybe you do the hiring, maybe you don’t…but this BONUS QUOTE cuts to the bone:

“If you want motivated people you have to find them, not motivate them.”

Let’s break that down a tad…

So, Why Can’t I Motivate?

Face it, you just can’t motivate someone.

I know, that’s not a very popular take, but it’s true, and here’s why…

It’s the employee’s responsibility to bring the motivation to you. This would mean they are SELF-MOTIVATED.

From there you can inspire, by helping them pinpoint their dreams and goals, and then pushing them to achieve those goals by teaching, training, holding them accountable, and following up on progress.

I actually have another BONUS QUOTE that I like to use to make this point…

“I’d rather inspire my varsity team to championships than motivate my JV team to try”

If they don’t want to try, you’re going to waste your time!

That’s why I say that leaders don’t motivate, they inspire.

OK one last thing…

Before we get to the list of inspirational quotes for employee appreciation, I’ve got one last thing that I want to touch on, and that is R E S P E C T.
(high five if you spelled that out like the song)…

People Work for People

How Much Do Your Employees Respect You?

People work for people.

That means when someone quits, they didn’t quit the company, THEY QUIT YOU. This is true 80% of the time.

Tough to hear? Find yourself getting defensive?

Sure, there are employees that quit that weren’t a good fit and are better off leaving, but a majority of them quit the leader, not the organization

More food for thought: That’s STILL the leader’s fault for hiring the wrong person!

Check out THIS oldie but goodie (which is actually the 1st thing I ever published to the internet!) about garnering more respect from your team.

OK, OK…And now, without further adieu…

17 Inspirational Quotes for Employee Appreciation

The key to performance isn’t about trying push new conversations about strategy in, but rather clearing out the clutter. -Book: 3 Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan
This is one of my favorite quotes because in business, we almost always look to ADD when we want to affect performance, yet most often we need to REMOVE so we can focus on what’s important.


There are no bad teams, only bad leaders. -Jocko Willink
This one is in here because it’s all about ownership. If you have employees that feel under appreciated, or uninspired, you need to own up to your mistakes before you can move on. This is in direct correlation with the 1st quote, as that “clutter” COULD be gossip about you!


Notice the difference between asking ‘Can I do this?’ And, ‘How am I going to do this?’ -Book: Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? By Ben Hunt-Davis and Harriet Beveridge.
In both questions there is an unsure nature of how to start, but one comes with confidence and the other communicates doubt and fear.


Many people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions. -Charles H. Brower
This quote is perfect for a time when a teammate is complaining about a process and not adding any value to the situation.


Tough times don’t last forever. Tough people do. – Robert H. Schuller
quote for showing appreciation when an employee as working super hard, or the work gets super hard. (Busy season, corporate visit, high pressure deadline, etc.)


If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing wrong. What holds us back is fear of failure. Just try…go…fail, and then adjust!! -Joe Calloway 
Joe wrote the book Be the Best at What Matters Most and it’s a book that I suggest. This quote means that if you’re going to screw up, do it with 100% conviction. I’d rather see an employee comitted to their dream and do it wrong, than do nothing at all.


Most people have a desire to look for the exception instead of a desire to be exceptional. -John Maxwell, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
One of the most important leadership books ever written, and a quote that speaks volumes. Most people would rather find the excuse or reason they failed instead of working to be a success.


No matter how bad things are, you can always make them worse.
This is a funny one because it’s a positive statement said in a negative way. It’s a great reminder that things really aren’t that bad, even when they seem desperate. Stop worrying and go fix it!


If you aren’t in over your head, then how do you know how tall you are? –T. S. Eliot
The reason I LOVE this quote so much is because I’m a hustler. I like a lot on my plate and when I’m not working like a maniac, then I ask for more. You can’t grow unless you’re pushed!


Your abilities say win. What does your attitude say? -Nick Glassett (me!)
Smart, driven, and talented means nothing when the person is negative and toxic!


The essence of competitive advantage is doing different things, and doing things differently. -Book: 3 Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan
This is a great reminder that when “they” zig, you’ve got to zag! And the second quote from this book (it’s that good of a read, I suggest it to all leaders!)


Short term easy means long term difficult and short term difficult means long term easy. -Book: Take The Stairs by Rory Vaden
This is a discipline quote. Do what’s easy now, and you’re going to have to kill yourself later to catch back up. Do what’s hard now, and you’ll be ahead of schedule.


Successful people do what others don’t want to do and they in turn get extraordinary results. -Book: Take The Stairs by Rory Vaden
Another one from Rory! I call this, The Winning Formula: Do the things that cause winning. Simple, but not easy. It’s the studying, the practice, the rehearsal, and the work that causes great things to happen.


Get good at being a trouble maker and saying sorry when you really screw up. –Book: 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
This may seem like an odd quote to tell your employees…after all, you don’t want trouble makers do you? I don’t just say yes, I say HELL YES. It’s an empowerment and a trust thing. Nothing communicates “I trust you” like this Tim Ferriss Quote.


Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is taking action in the presence of fear. – David Cunningham, Landmark Forum Leader
I heard this when I did the incredibly powerful Landmark Forum, and I use it often. Anytime there is a situation that has one of my teammates nervous, this quotes causes action to take place (especially public sharing at a meeting).


Find the sense of who you are, then it will translate into an ease and confidence in how you come off to others. -Unsure of where I got this from
I firmly believe that when you help people be themselves, and not some “improved” or different version is when you truly get inspired action!


Change what you do so you can change how you feel. -Nick Glassett (me)
When people are failing, you would thing they would change what they are doing, but they don’t. Instead they double down and try harder instead of trying something else.

Put in the Time With the People

So there you have it, 17 of my favorite inspirational quotes for employee appreciation.

Many of them are different than your ordinary, optimistic, cheerleader stuff.

I hope you enjoyed it, and would love if you dropped a comment with your opinion and if you used any of these 🙂




Crazy Lucky (The Lottery of Life)

It’s mind boggling how lucky we are to be here.
The odds of being born a human are 400,000,000,000 to 1.
That’s so unlikely to happen that it’s practically impossible…yet here we are!
It’s like winning the ultimate lottery!!


So then what do we do with it??
Do you have any idea the amount of time I spent my ONE life complaining???
Do you have any idea how much time I spent working on things that add no value to anyone?
Or how much time I spent sitting on a couch doing something unproductive?


Someone said to me the other day that I never seem to relax. I’m working on SOMETHING at all times.
Most of that time is business related…why?
Because I love business? Yeah that’s a part of it.
Because I want to do a good job. Of course that’s part of it.


The main reason…it’s because being a business man gives me the opportunity to be a positive influence in other peoples lives.
That epiphany that I wrote about yesterday? I want to spread that message.
I am lucky enough to have hit the 400 Billion to one lottery that is LIFE.
And I realized recently how special that is.
And I don’t want to waste a freaking second of it now that I know what I’ve got!


Crazy Lucky… So I work hard doing what I love…building! 🙂


Thank you, and good morning!

Find What You Value (The Epiphany)

My opinion is…

Values vs Tactics, values will always win!

Quick Reminder:
Tactic = A tip. An action. A life hack.
Values = A religion. A ritual. An overall philosophy on everything
Without a doubt the most powerful lesson in this has been that when I follow my Values (my heart), all the things that I used to add tactics to solve have started to take care of themselves…Examples:

Conversion –

I don’t track it, send it out, worry about it, or even talk about it!
     It’s UP 5% over the last 6 weeks w/ a 13% traffic increase.

Inventory  –

I don’t have extra things that I do this year, I don’t talk about it, and inventory audits are getting better and better.

Staffing –

Same as above, and the quality is better, there are less rehires, and we’re building something special!
       *Of course there is always exceptions, and those are the times where we DID have a 1 on 1 about some of these things.
Think hard and identify. That’s important, because you need to have the “goal” to hit.
From there you can get there with Values or Tactics…I suggest using BOTH…but just know the POWER comes from Values, the tweaks come from Tactics.
What do you value? What is so important that you can’t imagine working without it?
Another way that I’ve been saying it lately…What’s the POWER SOURCE that you plug into? What turns things kinda gray when its missing, and when it’s there, things are electric!
Mine was hard to find because I was looking for obvious things like; winning, or teaching. It wasn’t until this year, through a series of small epiphanies that I finally had MY REAL LEADERSHIP EPIPHANY, and I realized that…
-To focus on “winning” is to win small. To focus on people builds a legacy.
-Positivity has a halo effect. People can FEEL that halo and they want in on it.
-I talk less, and listen more.
-I’m more patient as I listen
-I’m more deliberate with my feedback
-I’m going to stay on the damn phone with you until you get it.
-I don’t say “my phone is always on” b/c you don’t care about phones…I tell you I am always on…and I am!
-Everything I try to do now is for others.
-Ego has evaporated.
-Anxiety for what others think has gone and we can just work on building something amazing 🙂
     I’m still adjusting to this btw!
SO I ask you again….What do you value? What is so important that you can’t imagine living without it? Start there, and GO HARD because no matter how many hours you spend on that thing, the work is never done, and it’s ALWAYS enjoyable!
Thank you!

It’s Values vs Tactics (Positivity Wins)

“Positivity is a force multiplier”

I just can’t get over this positivity thing…it’s been on my mind constantly!!

It’s Values vs Tactics, and Values Always Win

I’ve embraced a lot of things in my life, from leadership to discipline to simplicity…all just feel like tactics compared to how impactful the power of optimism and positivity has been the last few months.

Tactic = A tip. An action. A life hack
Values = A religion. A ritual. An overall philosophy on everything.

The thing about positivity is that I couldn’t fake it when it tried last year.
The positive mindset is not a tactic that can be applied. It’s a value that you have to FEEL and believe in.
Once I saw the power of it, and found my path to it, and resolved my residual negativity that I’d held on to, great things have continued to happen to over and over.
Call it Karma, call it The Universe, call it Faith, call it Law of Attraction, whatever…it occurs differently to different people, but the over reaching effect that it will have is incredible!
My path to it started with YOU. I realized that all the numbers and metrics and strategies and meetings and management initiatives…they’re all just good tactics to add on top of the values that HAVE to exist first.
It’s all been AMAZING to see and do, but…

The Crazy Thing About All This Is…

All the initiates that I’ve ever tried hard to enact are just happening naturally.

I used to PUSH super hard to get compliance, or to get the team to care about this, or that, or more often try to build more culture.

Results varied from so-so, to good, but I never felt like I accomplished what I set out to do, ya know.

It never became a value, it was always a tactic that I tried to force in…UNTIL NOW
I said it recently at the end of a meeting!
A teammate says thanks to me and makes a comment about what I invest in the team, Another says that last time he said that at a meeting he got called a suck up.
He did. It was my fault

I had created the opportunity for that to happen to him, because I had been in charge of what had become a negative culture. It happened because I filled it with negative attitudes. People thought there was an agenda to everything, or was skeptical of what we did.


Now, we’ve begun to build the true team and it’s built on the foundation of the right things…

The foundation of PEOPLE 🙂

Thank you!
Lao Tzu Quotes

27 Mind Expanding Quotes by Lao Tzu

Who was Lao Tzu?
You could also ask “Who was Laozi?”

Lao Tzu was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer, and has also has been referred to as Lao-Tze, and Laozi.

His given name was actually named Li Er. Laozi is a honorary title, which was romanized in many different ways leading to our name-confusion.

Either way, it’s all the same guy!

He is the author of the Tao Te Ching, the founder of philosophical Taoism….However, in the mid-twentieth century, an argument was made by scholars that the person known as Laozi is doubtful to have actually existed and that that the Tao Te Ching was “a compilation of Taoist sayings by many hands”. 

Of course, many others argue the opposite, and there is actually no way to know for sure!

What we do know is, no matter what name he goes by, and whether or not he actually existed, there are some INCREDIBLE quotes that he’s credited for.

These quotes are all simple and elegant, but at the same time make you think about yourself and your own views in a very deep way.

Expand Your Mind with this Essential Collection of Lao Tzu Quotes 

When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’ -Lao Tzu


If you do not change direction, you may end up where your are heading. -Lao Tzu


Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. -Lao Tzu


A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. -Lao Tzu


He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. -Lao Tzu


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. -Lao Tzu


Great acts are made up of small deeds. -Lao Tzu



He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty. -Lao Tzu


The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself. -Lao Tzu


He who talks more is sooner exhausted. -Lao Tzu


Act without expectation. -Lao Tzu


Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu


Sincere words are not fine; fine words are not sincere. -Lao Tzu


More quotes from Jocko Willink, Navy SEAL and all around badass


If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence. -Lao Tzu


Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness. -Lao Tzu


I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. -Lao Tzu


A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. -Lao Tzu


Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt. -Lao Tzu


To lead people, walk behind them. -Lao Tzu


Lao Tzu Quotes | New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings


The further one goes, the less one knows. -Lao Tzu


He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know. -Lao Tzu


When you accept yourself, the whole world accepts you. -Lao Tzu


Remind yourself daily, there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. -Lao Tzu


He, who tries to shine, dims his own light. -Lao Tzu


Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. -Lao Tzu


13 Bad Ass Connor McGregor Quotes



21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

19 Impactful Quotes from The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

John Maxwell is the undoubted leadership expert.

His timeless book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” has sold over 1 million copies!

The book’s well written stories guide you through the 21 laws and teach you how to apply each to your life. Along the way, there are many memorable quotes!

Here I have assembled…

19 Impactful 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership quotes.

“People don’t care what you know until they know what you care.”

“You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion…. The heart comes before the head.”

“Leaders Who Attract Followers . . . Need to Be Needed.
Leaders Who Develop Leaders . . . Want to Be Succeeded”

“Attitude is one of the most contagious qualities a human being possesses.”

“Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.”

“Always touch a person’s heart before you ask him for a hand.”

“It’s not the position that makes the leader; it’s the leader that makes the position.”

“Leadership is influence-nothing more, nothing less.”

“What is your personal plan for growth?”

“The bottom line in leadership isn’t how far we advance ourselves but how far we advance others.”

“What you attract is not determined by what you want. It’s determined by who you are.”

Check out our Chapter Summary of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

“To add growth, lead followers – To multiple, lead leaders.”

“Someday people will summarize your life in a single sentence. My advice: pick it now!”

“Improvement is impossible without change.”

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Sitting here cozy by the 🔥 doing a book study with some of my team. Personal growth and development is so important in life! This industry has stretched me and taught me so much…. a self development course with a comp plan. #priceless it has taught me my strengths and highlighted my weaknesses. Always wanting to learn and improve. There's two important days in your life, 1st the day you were born and 2nd finding out why. I pray I can help lead my team and develop leaders to become who they were created to be. To accomplish all they were put on earth to do! #johnmaxwell #leadership #bookclub #book #fireplace #momsonamission #21irrefutablelawsofleadership #foundation #growuptogoup #somuchmore

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“There are no Lone Range leaders. Think about it: if you’re alone, you’re not leading anybody are you?”

“Only you reach your potential as a leader do your people have a chance to read their potential.”

“Enlarging others makes you larger.”

Check out the complete 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership List.

“To push people down you have to go down with them.”

“Leaders always find a way to make things happen.”


Brass Knuckles

There’s many times that we need to be patient

Then there is crucial times that we need to be AGGRESSIVE

Said differently…

“…that’s not to say there isn’t times that you just put on brass knuckles and deck life in the face.” -Tim Ferriss

My opinion has shifted on this subject recently…I used to be more the patient type to wait for people to grow, or to get the full picture, or to collec more data…

To hell with that!

Life is better when you keep those figurative brass knuckles in your pocket and you’re not afraid to use them.

And when you’re quick to use them!



31 Phenomenal Jocko Willink Quotes from Discipline Equals Freedom


Jocko Willink is a former United States Navy SEAL commander, and author of seven books:

  1. Extreme Ownership – How Navy SEALS Lead and Win
  2. Discipline Equals Freedom – Field Manual
  3. Way of the Warrior Kid
  4. Way of the Warrior Kid – Marc’s Mission
  5. The Dichotomy of Leadership
  6. Mikey and the Dragons
  7. Way of the Warrior Kid 3

He focuses on teaching the leadership principles that he learned as the Commander of the SEAL Task Unit Bruiser, where he was stationed in Iraq fighting in the Battle of Ramadi. He is the co-owner of the leadership consulting company, Echelon Front where he, along with Extreme Ownership Co-Author Leif Babin, provide practical solutions to create high performance success in professional teams.

Jocko’s most recent book, Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

In Discipline Equals Freedom, Jocko hones in more on his personal methods for life, and leadership.

The book is separated into 4 parts:

  • Thoughts – This is where Jocko covers his personal views on many things
  • Actions – This is where Jocko goes more pragmatic in how he attacks life
  • Fuel – Feeding the Machine – Jocko’s take on food
  • The Workouts – Here Jocko outlines his personal workouts, and breaks them into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced with 4 tiers of difficulty in each

Discipline Equals Freedom is a phenomenal read, and it’s also a bad ass design.

The book is all black, with no dust cover. The pages are all black with white type, and each page has a black and white backdrop behind it.
(There is a picture of two of the passages down below so you can see how the book is laid out.)

The writing style of Discipline Equals Freedom is like no book I’ve ever read…It’s almost written in poems.

The writing style is incredible, and as you read each passage, the whole book is practically narrated in Jocko’s distinct surly voice.

While Jocko is very well known for his aggressive style, rough exterior, and assertive attitude, he actually has a bachelors degree in English. This, combined with his extensive leadership experience, and take-action attitude, make him a phenomenal motivator and a role model for many.

Here are 31 of the best Jocko Willink Quotes from Discipline Equals Freedom

The Way of Discipline – “THERE IS NO EASY WAY. There is only hard work, late nights, early mornings, practice, rehearsal, repetition, study, sweat, blood, toil, frustration, and discipline. DISCIPLINE.”

The Enemy – “I know that somewhere out there, another man is also preparing. That man is the enemy.”

Where Does Discipline Come From – “If you don’t think you are disciplined: It is because you haven’t decided to be disciplined. YET.”

Overcoming Procrastination – “Stop thinking about it. Stop Dreaming about it. Stop researching every aspect of it…Start doing it. Take that first step and make It happen. GET AFTER IT.”

The Person You Can Control – “The only person you can control is you. So focus on making yourself who you want to be: Faster. Stronger. Smarter. More humble. Less ego.”

Mind Control – “You have to decide that you are going to be in control, that you are going to do what YOU want to do. Weakness doesn’t get a vote. Laziness doesn’t get a vote. Sadness doesn’t get a vote. Frustration doesn’t get a vote. NEGATIVITY doesn’t get a vote. ”

Mind Control (2)- “You are declaring martial law on your mind: MIND CONTROL.”

Destroyer Mode – “Fight weak emotions with the power of logic; fight the weakness of logic with the power of emotion.”

Here is Jocko Willink reading the passage “Destroyer Mode” from Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual.

Fight – “Go out in a blaze of Glory, fighting with everything you’ve got, every ounce of energy, every bead of sweat, every drop of blood – until your last breath. And then – and only then- can you stand down, put down your sword and your shield, and rest: in peace.”

Default Aggressive – I don’t view aggression as an outward attitude. I view aggression as an internal character trait. A fire in your mind that says: I’m going to win”

Nature vs Nurture – “So to me, it is not about nature or nurture: It’s about choice”

Fear of Failure – I don’t want you to overcome fear of failure. I want you to be afraid of failure.

Sugar Coated Lies – Those donuts aren’t food. THEY ARE POISON. Same with the chocolate chip cookies, the chocolate cake, the can of soda, the bag of potato chips….All that junk isn’t going to make you stronger, faster, smarter or better. It’s going to do the opposite. And you know this. YOU KNOW THAT YOU DON’T NEED ANY OF THAT JUNK.

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Not Feeling It – How do I handle those days when I’m just not ‘feeling it’? Those days when I am tired or worn out or just sick of the grind…What do I do on those days? I GO ANYWAY. I GET IT DONE.

Not Feeling It (2) – Don’t really want to workout? I work out. Don’t really want to hammer on the project? I hammer on the project. Don’t really want to get up and get out of bed? I GET UP AND GET OUT OF BED.

Focus – Embed that long-term goal in your mind. Burn it into your soul….but most important: do something about it. Every day. Every day: Do something that moves you closer towards that goal – that keeps the goal in sight and in focus.

Draw Fire – “Be the one who people look to. Absorb the impact – and the negativity. Draw fire – yes: Draw (enemy) fire.

Good – “When things are going bad: Don’t get all bummed out, don’t get startled, don’t frustrated. No. Just look at the issue and say “Good.”

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Every Day – “This isn’t a part-time gig. This isn’t punch the clock and go home for the day. You don’t get weekends off. No…this is an everyday gig. Everyday is a Monday…I love it.

No More – “No more excuses…Now is the time for strength. And through strength – and through will – and through unwavering discipline – I will become what I want to be. I will become who I want to be.

Staying Motivated – “Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on discipline.”

Here is an example of two pages of Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

Jocko-Willink-Quotes-Discipline-Equals Freedom-2

Remain Vigilant – “It isn’t that you wake up one day and decide, that’s it: I’m going to be weak. No. It’s a slow incremental process. It chips at your will – It chips at your discipline.

Fear – “Step aggressively towards your fear – that is the step into bravery.”

Negative Talk from Negative People  “IGNORE AND OUTPERFORM. Yes. While you are over there watching me and talking about me – I’m working. Working hard. I’m taking things to the next level.”

Engage – “Weakness is strong. I must be stronger.”

Psychological Edge – “There are a slew of psychological advantages that come from early morning physical training. First, there is a psychological win over the enemy. Knowing that you are working harder than your adversaries gives you an advantage. It gives you confidence that you can overcome them in battle.”

Here is Jocko Willink reading the passage “Psychological Edge” from Discipline Equals Freedom: Field manual.

Sleep – “Go to bed at 9:55pm and you can get up at 4:55am, still get your seven hours, and be up before the enemy.

The Workouts – “Everyone wants to know: what should a workout actually consist of? And first of all – let me say this: The most important thing to do is SOMETHING. ANYTHING.”

Addicted to Sugar – “The lies will come, and the will come from you. The lies you will tell yourself are: It’s no big deall. You can have just a little. It isn’t worth it to feel this bad. The body needs carbs. You will rationalize, and start to listen to these lies. DON’T.”

Fasting – “In this age, the food around you is actually trying to kill you. It is poison. Donuts? Poison. Soda? Poison. Potato Chips? Poison. YOU DON’T NEED IT.

Dealing with Injuries and Illness – “If you are sick or injured, don’t use that as an excuse to skip workouts to stay in bed all day. Do what you can.”

Here I’ve got a great infographic full of great Jocko Willink Quotes from Discipline Equals Freedom.

Here is an excerpt from Jocko Podcast where Willink is discussing being a new leader and not knowing as much as your subordinates.
It’s been dubbed; The Leadership Comb-over.

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