“Positivity is a force multiplier”

I just can’t get over this positivity thing…it’s been on my mind constantly!!

It’s Values vs Tactics, and Values Always Win

I’ve embraced a lot of things in my life, from leadership to discipline to simplicity…all just feel like tactics compared to how impactful the power of optimism and positivity has been the last few months.

Tactic = A tip. An action. A life hack
Values = A religion. A ritual. An overall philosophy on everything.

The thing about positivity is that I couldn’t fake it when it tried last year.
The positive mindset is not a tactic that can be applied. It’s a value that you have to FEEL and believe in.
Once I saw the power of it, and found my path to it, and resolved my residual negativity that I’d held on to, great things have continued to happen to over and over.
Call it Karma, call it The Universe, call it Faith, call it Law of Attraction, whatever…it occurs differently to different people, but the over reaching effect that it will have is incredible!
My path to it started with YOU. I realized that all the numbers and metrics and strategies and meetings and management initiatives…they’re all just good tactics to add on top of the values that HAVE to exist first.
It’s all been AMAZING to see and do, but…

The Crazy Thing About All This Is…

All the initiates that I’ve ever tried hard to enact are just happening naturally.

I used to PUSH super hard to get compliance, or to get the team to care about this, or that, or more often try to build more culture.

Results varied from so-so, to good, but I never felt like I accomplished what I set out to do, ya know.

It never became a value, it was always a tactic that I tried to force in…UNTIL NOW
I said it recently at the end of a meeting!
A teammate says thanks to me and makes a comment about what I invest in the team, Another says that last time he said that at a meeting he got called a suck up.
He did. It was my fault

I had created the opportunity for that to happen to him, because I had been in charge of what had become a negative culture. It happened because I filled it with negative attitudes. People thought there was an agenda to everything, or was skeptical of what we did.


Now, we’ve begun to build the true team and it’s built on the foundation of the right things…

The foundation of PEOPLE 🙂

Thank you!

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