My opinion is…

Values vs Tactics, values will always win!

Quick Reminder:
Tactic = A tip. An action. A life hack.
Values = A religion. A ritual. An overall philosophy on everything
Without a doubt the most powerful lesson in this has been that when I follow my Values (my heart), all the things that I used to add tactics to solve have started to take care of themselves…Examples:

Conversion –

I don’t track it, send it out, worry about it, or even talk about it!
     It’s UP 5% over the last 6 weeks w/ a 13% traffic increase.

Inventory  –

I don’t have extra things that I do this year, I don’t talk about it, and inventory audits are getting better and better.

Staffing –

Same as above, and the quality is better, there are less rehires, and we’re building something special!
       *Of course there is always exceptions, and those are the times where we DID have a 1 on 1 about some of these things.
Think hard and identify. That’s important, because you need to have the “goal” to hit.
From there you can get there with Values or Tactics…I suggest using BOTH…but just know the POWER comes from Values, the tweaks come from Tactics.
What do you value? What is so important that you can’t imagine working without it?
Another way that I’ve been saying it lately…What’s the POWER SOURCE that you plug into? What turns things kinda gray when its missing, and when it’s there, things are electric!
Mine was hard to find because I was looking for obvious things like; winning, or teaching. It wasn’t until this year, through a series of small epiphanies that I finally had MY REAL LEADERSHIP EPIPHANY, and I realized that…
-To focus on “winning” is to win small. To focus on people builds a legacy.
-Positivity has a halo effect. People can FEEL that halo and they want in on it.
-I talk less, and listen more.
-I’m more patient as I listen
-I’m more deliberate with my feedback
-I’m going to stay on the damn phone with you until you get it.
-I don’t say “my phone is always on” b/c you don’t care about phones…I tell you I am always on…and I am!
-Everything I try to do now is for others.
-Ego has evaporated.
-Anxiety for what others think has gone and we can just work on building something amazing 🙂
     I’m still adjusting to this btw!
SO I ask you again….What do you value? What is so important that you can’t imagine living without it? Start there, and GO HARD because no matter how many hours you spend on that thing, the work is never done, and it’s ALWAYS enjoyable!
Thank you!

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