Offense Builds. Defense Loses.

We have worked hard. Most of us VERY hard over the last 2-3 weeks. That was so we could WIN and WIN BIG! And that’s exactly what we did 🙂
Now, we’re all going to take a little time off next week, and get some “rest”.
But an important thing to note; That rest is done away from Journeys.
What do I mean by that???
While we’re at work, we gotta WORK.
When we clock out for the day, do whatever you want. When we clock IN for the day, WE BUILD.
Build sales Build GOR Build people Build culture
If we’re not building, we’re not playing offense. If we’re not playing offense, we’re playing defense. (THERE IS NO MIDDLE. Only Offense and Defense.) When we play defense, we’re just maintaining. Maintaining is the same as losing because everyone else that’s on offense is gaining ground.
Focus your work on the things that matter. Get the sales behaviors to a place you are PROUD of. I’m going to ASK that you fix that sock ratio NOW.
Let’s keep building!! 🙂


Teach. Trust. Outsource. SELL. COACH.

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails”

Good Saturday Morning!

This time of year is all about BIG volume and NEW employees. Your “ship” has probably tripled in size!

This leads to many challenges that you don’t face on a regular basis. It calls for leadership on a level that is not required of you on a regular basis, which leads to 3 options…

1. Complain – Easiest option, and not a solution.

2. Hope for better – Easy as long as you can act naive. Not a solution.

3. Add Value to others – Not actually hard at all, but it takes leadership! Total solution.

“Slowing down doesn’t mean accomplishing less; it means cutting out counterproductive distractions and the perception of being rushed.”

Using the 3rd option will obviously cause us to make more money.

It’s about FOCUS. Where is your focus?

On doing everything even though you have triple the teammates? (Overwhelming)

Or doing the MEANINGFUL stuff, while teaching others the small stuff? (Outsourcing)

Teach and trust others to do the small things, so you can slow down with the people and impact their selling which will impact their lives!

Then you can SELL and TEACH 🙂
Have a HUGE Saturday!


Stay Humble and Grind

“The people that are going to be successful are going to find advantages in any situation.” -Tim Ferriss
It’s a mindset thing. A positivity thing, and a humbleness thing…but no matter what it’s a “ME” thing. As in, no matter what we’re given in life, we can and will succeed with it.
Last night I saw a video of a kid that took 2 things that are seemingly unrelated, and is now making a name for himself off of it. 1. He works at Walmart – Yes, blue vest and all 2. He can dance. – Like REALLY dance
He’s now got videos going viral, featured on the news, etc etc. I’ll tell you this…that kid was going to be successful no matter what, it was just a matter of time and people would be paying attention to him. All it took was one Drake song/dance to get popular!
We all have our own “situation”, and career-wise they all take place at work. Then we have an area where our performance is weaker than we’d like.
We all have the same tools, we all have the same customers more-or-less, the only difference is where we put the EFFORT.
Is the effort in IMPROVING and CHANGING the approach when something isn’t working? Or is the effort in looking for a reason “we can’t”? Are we working hard AND working on the right things?
You have an advantage over everyone else, but it takes WORK to find it. Meaningful work! Stay positive and keep grinding, you’ll find it. And when you do, your success will have a VIRAL feel to it too 🙂
Thank you!


“Tell Me the Story”

Good Wednesday morning!!
Most of you have heard me say, “Tell me the story” plenty of times. It’s my favorite follow up question because usually when a person tells you something, they hit 3 main points and they rush the whole thing. So by asking them to tell you the story, you’re really saying that you want ALL the details.
It works great in interviews. It works great with arguments. It works great in problem solving… And it works great with numbers!
“I’m just using the numbers to tell me the story.”
The last few days/weeks I’ve sent some messages and had some conversations where I say bold statements like, “I don’t really care about numbers.” And it’s true, because I don’t. And you shouldn’t either! The numbers just tell us a story that our eyes might miss The numbers don’t do a single thing though. As in they don’t DO anything. You and your teams DO all the things that the numbers measure.

So what story are all YOUR numbers telling you?
Numbers are ULTRA important, but what we do is NOT about the numbers. It’s about the story the numbers tell, and that story is ALWAYS about the people and their actions (or lack there of)
Pick a number today and make it your WILL POWER to move that thing. Watch, you will too, as long as you stick with it and experiment with it, and ask for advice and help, and then DO the things that are suggested 🙂
Thank you!



Good Tuesday Morning!
“My truest love is watching the ‘ahas’ go off in peoples minds.”
There is lots look forward to everyday when we wake up! But as I continue with my obsession of Values vs Tactics, one thing is becoming clearer and clearer…
All the things that I’ve chased over the years are truly important (Winning, SOPs, organized stores, training and binders, inventory etc etc etc…) But when I’ve ever been at the helm of a team that’s REALLY winning big, there’s been a common theme…
My passion is never tied up in the numbers. As a matter of fact, I almost ignore numbers. The passion lies in seeing how the numbers make other people feel.
I’ve always been able to FEEL that, but never been able to figure it out…until now!
It comes from a commitment to service, a desire to provide value, and a LOVE of teaching.
It’s CARE that fuels the whole thing. Care for other people.
It’s that counterintuitive part of life again! The more SELFLESS your actions, the more credit you get, the more followers you’ll have, the more success you enjoy, and accolades and awards will line your walls.
Care turns out to be true VALUE that matters most and cuts through it all 🙂


People Are the Way

This career that we have is a PEOPLE career. How we treat people. How we invest in people. How we chose people. How we interact with people. How we teach people. How we persuade people. How we lead people.
There is a ton of tactics that you can use to hep you.
Treat people as you want to be treated. Be deliberate about helping your team grow. Hire tough manage easy. Bring the energy. Never miss a moment to teach. Be charming, be yourself Lead from the front
It’s Values vs Tactics…
It comes down to this; How much do you care about people? When it’s not much, all those tactics won’t do much. When people are the single most important thing to you, those tactics are already a part of your life. The honest answer is probably somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, right? Make no mistake, when you’re values are further towards people being precious to you, your career will TAKE OFF. That one value will create culture, address issues, raise performance, build leaders, and CONSTRUCT LEGACY. It’s about loving them, putting your arms around them, and placing their needs before yours.
They don’t work for you. You work for them.
Thank you,


Be Exceptional or Look for Exceptions?

Good Wednesday Morning!

Last night I asked my 4 year old son to run into my office and grab my pencil for me because we were hanging some things in the baby’s room.

He said, “Dad I don’t want to, that’s not fun.”

I looked at him and said, “Enjoying it isn’t a requirement of doing it Boston. Run grab my pencil please.”

He did, and then he got a thank you and a high five!

“Most people have a desire to look for the exception instead of the desire to be exceptional.”

The exception is the easy way out. We’re all smart, and we can easily find (or create) an exception if we look.
“I’ve just been busy”
“I’m trying, they’re just not buying”
“It’s been slow”
“It doesn’t work in MY store”
“My customers are different here”


When we DO the things that we’re supposed to do, and quit looking for that easy way out (the excuse) we will win more!

Strong leaders don’t ask me to do things that don’t work.
Most companies doesn’t tell you do to things that cause you to lose.
I don’t teach you things that are made up.

All the tactics work. All the behaviors work. All the wisdom is true.

It’s when you drop your STUBBORNNESS or SKEPTICISM and allow yourself to evolve that we make movement.
That movement is GROWTH and it’s right in front of us when we place the value on being exceptional, instead of looking for exceptions.

Thank you!


Testing Postie 2

Here we go…let this be the one! “Have Fun. Be Yourself. Hustle.”
Nick Glassett District Sales Manager The Journeys Group District 13: New Orleans, LA

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How to Be In Control

“The size of a person’s life is measured by the number of people that listen to you.”
-David Cunningham, Landmark Forum Leader

The leadership master John Maxwell defines leadership as influence.


If you walk around blaming others for everything, you’re diminishing the size of your leadership.

This is because people will stop listening to you.
When you lose “listeners”. . . you lose followers.
This is because your ability to influence them is lost.
When you lose followers. . . you’re not leading anymore.
And when you’re not leading. . . you’re now just “a boss”.

So instead of complaining about your situation, let’s look at…

How to be in Control of Your Situation

So can you be in control of every situation? Of course not. In fact, almost everything we have NO control over.

But there is one thing that we DO always control. . .

And like everything, it starts in the same place . . . IN BETWEEN YOUR EARS.

What you can always be in control of is. . .
Your own mind.
Your own thoughts.

When something happens that isn’t ideal, react with aggression and get on the attack, and you can control the situation.

React with complaints or reasons or excuses or by shutting down and not trying, and then the situation controls you.

We’re on stage with our followers AT ALL TIMES. When we shut down, the followers watch it.

As they do, they make a decision whether or not to FOLLOW US.

Yes they still “work for us” but doesn’t mean much if they don’t follow us.

Control your thoughts. Control your reaction. Be aggressive by default. Grow your influence. Grow your career.

Thank you,


6 Simple Tactics to Kickstart Your Corrective Action with Detached Involvement

Detach and TAKE ACTION.

I think you will agree with me that taking the proper corrective action when a problem arises can be tough.
The issue that most leaders struggle with is detaching from the situation so they can clearly see what action they need to take.
As a leader myself, I was once guilty of this on grand scale. I had sputtered in my new role for close to a year until finally, I put my ego aside and took the one action that caused much of my success that I have experienced 6 years later. I would love to tell you that this crucial action was some ultra-impressive feat of will power. Truly, it was just putting my ego aside and asking my boss for help.
Within 3 weeks I was not only right back on course, but I was able to create serious momentum that continued to build years! I finished in the top 10 of the company for yearly sales increases the next 3 years. I also built a connection with my boss and proved that I have what it takes to improve, and ultimately win.
In this article, I will teach you about detached involvement (detachment for short) and how to use that sell to view situations more clearly so you can take the corrective action needed to get you back to winning.

The Secret Leadership Tool: Detachment

When there is an area of life that you’re experiencing a lack of performance in, being able to detach yourself from the situation will allow you to see what’s actually happening. When you’re involved in something, you have an emotional connection to it. This emotional connection causes you to develop “blind spots” and can render you unable to take corrective action on problems that are negatively effecting performance because you simply don’t see them!

A Classic Example of Detachment

When you go out to eat at a restaurant, and it’s a busy Saturday night, as a leader you can easily look around and see some of the things that are bogging down the experience. You are the fifth person on the waiting list and you can count four empty tables that are yet to be bussed.
The hostess that took your name for the waiting list wasn’t very friendly and seemed stressed in the busy environment. She was likely not the right person for this job and you can tell easily.
Once you do get sat at a table, the server’s actions can be picked apart. He should have introduced himself, he rushed the specials list too fast, he’s too slow at filling the drinks, etc.
You can easily spot all these areas where service can be improved because it’s not your restaurant. You’re detached from it, so you can view it AS IT IS.

The Circumstance Illusion

Now why does the restaurant have all these small problems? Because the manager can’t properly see them. There is a story behind the story, and it’s one of justification, and excuse making. If he even sees these performance issues at all, then he will likely view them as circumstances that are out of his control. That’s the circumstance illusion at work.
If you were to point out that the hostess was frazzled and not ready to handle the seating of customers on a busy Saturday night, his response would be a reason that she has that job.“Kids these days just aren’t as driven as we were back then!”
If you were to show him that there are four tables waiting to be bussed and guests waiting to be sat, his response would be an excuse for the slow service.
“Staffing isn’t as easy as you think on the weekends. I had three call offs tonight!”
Notice that the situations occur as a circumstance that is out of his control. The Circumstance Illusion.

Intentions Don’t Pay the Bills

Since he’s so involved in the store, he views the issues differently, and this distinction is an important one. He views things as he INTENDS them, not as they are. When something is wrong, there is a reason, or an effort to fix it that hasn’t happened yet, or it’s on a to-do list, or he’s been too busy doing something else so he hasn’t had time to address it.
The problem is a circumstance that he has the best intentions for, but due to his connection to these problems, he can’t see just how big of a deal they truly are, and can’t see a way to fix them.

Flip the Focus

Now, let’s flip the focus to you instead of the fictional restaurant manager.
As Leaders, it is critical that we detach ourselves from our situations so we can see them objectively, and then give orders to adjust course so we can improve and accomplish the mission.
If you’re stressed, don’t complain about it and feel sorry for yourself.
If you’re tired, don’t search for all the reasons why.
If you’re understaffed, don’t shrug because it’s hard.
       DETACH. Then take action.

Here are the 5 Simple Ways to Detach so You Can Take Action

1. Remove yourself from the situation – Take a break, and gather your thoughts.

When you’re in the middle of a situation, especially a crisis in an area or your responsibility, you run high on emotions. We all know that good decisions are rarely made in an emotional state. So, remove yourself from the situation by simply walking away to a quite place where you can think for a few minutes. Gather your thoughts, and then head back in with a plan!

2. Phone a friend – Call a mentor or a peer that can help you get to a calm mind-state.

Often when you’re in crisis mode, and you call someone you trust and explain the situation to them, you realize that it’s not nearly as much of a crisis as you thought. Before they have time to respond, you’ll calm down, and then tell them the correct actions that you need to take. You know it, you just can’t see it until you detach!

3. Take a literal step back – Viewing a problem from another vantage point adds clarity.

This one is not figurative. A change of scenery can help immensely. If a problem needs solving and you’re working in the office, grab your cell phone and sunglasses and head out for a walk to think. If you’ve been staring at the same issue all day and can’t figure it out, do something, even drastic, to see it from another angle or light. Stand on a chair if you have to!

4. Be aggressive – Go after the issues and solve them!

Aggressive is a mindset. It means that you don’t wait for things to blow over, or hope they will get better with time. Aggressive means assertive, and that is asserting yourself and your will when and where necessary. It doesn’t mean committing career suicide though! It can be a talk with the boss. A one on one with a co-worker that there was a disagreement with. Or just calling your wife or husband and telling them that you won’t be home for dinner tonight because you’ve got to stay late and GRIND.

5. Get a hold of the ego – Your pride may be responsible for getting you into this mess, so don’t rely on it to get you out!
When you out your ego aside, and focus on getting the issues handled, things will get accomplished! This can be similar to the story I told earlier about asking for help, or it could be you’re in competition with someone for promotion and you don’t want to appear weak. Check the ego, so you can see the issues clearly and solve them!
6. Write it all down – Getting things off your mind makes space to create.
I carry two journals with me in my backpack at all times. One is a personal journal, the other is a work journal. When I have something on my mind that I can’t solve, I write. Sometimes a lot! It gets that junk out of my head, on to paper, and allows me to sort through the mess. I will then organize the thoughts into a list, and then take a deep breath. And then get aggressive in completing the list that I just made! You can read more about that here.
 As a leader, the ability to detach, allows you to lead the team in the direction they need to go. Put the ego aside, take a deep breath, get your mind-state calm, gather your thoughts and then get on the attack!