“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails”

Good Saturday Morning!

This time of year is all about BIG volume and NEW employees. Your “ship” has probably tripled in size!

This leads to many challenges that you don’t face on a regular basis. It calls for leadership on a level that is not required of you on a regular basis, which leads to 3 options…

1. Complain – Easiest option, and not a solution.

2. Hope for better – Easy as long as you can act naive. Not a solution.

3. Add Value to others – Not actually hard at all, but it takes leadership! Total solution.

“Slowing down doesn’t mean accomplishing less; it means cutting out counterproductive distractions and the perception of being rushed.”

Using the 3rd option will obviously cause us to make more money.

It’s about FOCUS. Where is your focus?

On doing everything even though you have triple the teammates? (Overwhelming)

Or doing the MEANINGFUL stuff, while teaching others the small stuff? (Outsourcing)

Teach and trust others to do the small things, so you can slow down with the people and impact their selling which will impact their lives!

Then you can SELL and TEACH 🙂
Have a HUGE Saturday!


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