We have worked hard. Most of us VERY hard over the last 2-3 weeks. That was so we could WIN and WIN BIG! And that’s exactly what we did 🙂
Now, we’re all going to take a little time off next week, and get some “rest”.
But an important thing to note; That rest is done away from Journeys.
What do I mean by that???
While we’re at work, we gotta WORK.
When we clock out for the day, do whatever you want. When we clock IN for the day, WE BUILD.
Build sales Build GOR Build people Build culture
If we’re not building, we’re not playing offense. If we’re not playing offense, we’re playing defense. (THERE IS NO MIDDLE. Only Offense and Defense.) When we play defense, we’re just maintaining. Maintaining is the same as losing because everyone else that’s on offense is gaining ground.
Focus your work on the things that matter. Get the sales behaviors to a place you are PROUD of. I’m going to ASK that you fix that sock ratio NOW.
Let’s keep building!! 🙂


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