“The people that are going to be successful are going to find advantages in any situation.” -Tim Ferriss
It’s a mindset thing. A positivity thing, and a humbleness thing…but no matter what it’s a “ME” thing. As in, no matter what we’re given in life, we can and will succeed with it.
Last night I saw a video of a kid that took 2 things that are seemingly unrelated, and is now making a name for himself off of it. 1. He works at Walmart – Yes, blue vest and all 2. He can dance. – Like REALLY dance
He’s now got videos going viral, featured on the news, etc etc. I’ll tell you this…that kid was going to be successful no matter what, it was just a matter of time and people would be paying attention to him. All it took was one Drake song/dance to get popular!
We all have our own “situation”, and career-wise they all take place at work. Then we have an area where our performance is weaker than we’d like.
We all have the same tools, we all have the same customers more-or-less, the only difference is where we put the EFFORT.
Is the effort in IMPROVING and CHANGING the approach when something isn’t working? Or is the effort in looking for a reason “we can’t”? Are we working hard AND working on the right things?
You have an advantage over everyone else, but it takes WORK to find it. Meaningful work! Stay positive and keep grinding, you’ll find it. And when you do, your success will have a VIRAL feel to it too 🙂
Thank you!


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