Good Tuesday Morning!
“My truest love is watching the ‘ahas’ go off in peoples minds.”
There is lots look forward to everyday when we wake up! But as I continue with my obsession of Values vs Tactics, one thing is becoming clearer and clearer…
All the things that I’ve chased over the years are truly important (Winning, SOPs, organized stores, training and binders, inventory etc etc etc…) But when I’ve ever been at the helm of a team that’s REALLY winning big, there’s been a common theme…
My passion is never tied up in the numbers. As a matter of fact, I almost ignore numbers. The passion lies in seeing how the numbers make other people feel.
I’ve always been able to FEEL that, but never been able to figure it out…until now!
It comes from a commitment to service, a desire to provide value, and a LOVE of teaching.
It’s CARE that fuels the whole thing. Care for other people.
It’s that counterintuitive part of life again! The more SELFLESS your actions, the more credit you get, the more followers you’ll have, the more success you enjoy, and accolades and awards will line your walls.
Care turns out to be true VALUE that matters most and cuts through it all 🙂


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