My Podcast Teaches You How I Went from Employee to Serial Entrepreneur and Found True Happiness…

I’m Nick Glassett, and I want to help take your business, career, and life to the next level. I went from part-time seasonal worker to District Manager, then quit it all to start several business, and found TRUE HAPPINESS.


I also started a podcast, blog, and a Facebook Live Cooking show with my amazing wife, Michelle.

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Here’s my beautiful wife Michelle and I making Keto Empanadas on our FB Live Cooking Show!

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I love inspiring others, just like you, through my work, especially my podcast. One thing you should know about me is that I like to JUST GO. I don’t read all the books and search the web. I don’t buy expensive equipment or overthink things. I learn by DOING, so my podcast episodes are unscripted, meaningful stories of things that I have seen, experienced, and helped others through. It’s not over produced, because the point is to bring value and entertain! 

My show is brand new, and pretty “raw”. I’m documenting my learning as I go and you get to be along for that ride with me! In one of my latest episodes, I break down exactly how I quadrupled the size of The Jump Off, my bounce house rental business, in one day, and made that $2000 investment back by the following weekend! 


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From Employee to a Serial Entrepreneur

All of us have that passion that is engrained into us that no matter what we can’t escape. Mine was business. As a youngster I wanted to start my own company super bad, and really didn’t care about the specific industry. There was one problem though…it was super hard!

Having no idea how or where to start, I never really did. I talked about it but it was all talk. Being honest, I didn’t know how to work hard. I didn’t know how to overcome difficulties, or persevere. Truth be told I was a complainer, and I thought things should come easy if they were “meant to be”.

Then I got a job at a shoe store that would teach me all the skills that I needed to win as an entrepreneur later in life. I got to run my own store at age 19, then became an Area Manager at 22, and a District Manger at 25.

By the time I had decided to leave that job at age 34, I had acquired all the skills to go start winning in business and in life!



While the financial security of entrepreneur life isn’t secure, and you are your own 401k, the freedom to have ALL the control is amazing, and when you win, the pride that you feel is absolutely incredible!

To have the ability to live your life and be present whenever you want is what I value the most. If I want to put in 70 hours, I do (which is pretty typical). If I want to see my wife and kids more, then I do, and I work less. I love business, I invest a ton of time into my numerous ventures and content creation, but I didn’t want to miss my kids lives the way I did as a traveling district manager, so I’ll stop mid day to go on a bike ride, play Legos, or get after some Fornite with my 6 year old son, Boston!

There is nothing more abundant in life than time, and the things that you spend that time on should be up to you!

<3 NG