Good Wednesday morning!!
Most of you have heard me say, “Tell me the story” plenty of times. It’s my favorite follow up question because usually when a person tells you something, they hit 3 main points and they rush the whole thing. So by asking them to tell you the story, you’re really saying that you want ALL the details.
It works great in interviews. It works great with arguments. It works great in problem solving… And it works great with numbers!
“I’m just using the numbers to tell me the story.”
The last few days/weeks I’ve sent some messages and had some conversations where I say bold statements like, “I don’t really care about numbers.” And it’s true, because I don’t. And you shouldn’t either! The numbers just tell us a story that our eyes might miss The numbers don’t do a single thing though. As in they don’t DO anything. You and your teams DO all the things that the numbers measure.

So what story are all YOUR numbers telling you?
Numbers are ULTRA important, but what we do is NOT about the numbers. It’s about the story the numbers tell, and that story is ALWAYS about the people and their actions (or lack there of)
Pick a number today and make it your WILL POWER to move that thing. Watch, you will too, as long as you stick with it and experiment with it, and ask for advice and help, and then DO the things that are suggested 🙂
Thank you!


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