My little boy has been watching Twitch a lot lately (a social media platform where you watch other people play video games) He’s kind of turning into a little 4.5 year old gamer. My BUILDER sprit took over, and I decided to have an important conversation with him…
I told him that we can have HIM play the games, and have other people watch him on Twitch. He was intrigued…then interested…then Tuesday night he was asking me all night long to “Make a video” for Twitch. I haven’t had the time to set it all up yet, so after I finished with some office work it was about 9pm and I told him we’d just record a video for now instead. We did, and it was hilarious!! (it’s on my social media if you want to see it)
One of my wife’s friends commented on Facebook that the Glassett’s are the busiest people on earth, and she doesn’t understand how we have time to do all the things that we do. I feel that. I get that…and from the outside I understand why she would say that…but…
Busy is a choice!
I love to BUILD and so when I get home, I just keep doing it. Sometimes that looks like being on the phone with you guys. Sometimes it looks like writing. Sometimes it looks like helping Michelle with her marketing. Sometimes it looks like building legos with Boston! Soon It will look like playing Roblox with him… I don’t watch TV. I wake up at the same time everyday (yes, even when I’m off). I read before I go to bed. I write in my journal.
I may look “busy”, but really it’s just only doing things that ADD VALUE to the family or to life. I’m never too busy, but my day is ALWAYS full.
How does this apply to you? Simple…we’re out of BTS now, and the MORAL here is that we don’t let down. We don’t get lazy and say “we’re tired.” HELL. NO. If busy is a choice, then tired is a mindset. We’re fine. Honestly. Clean up the…SELLING, STORE, and OPERATIONS. We’ve got work to do!


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