This career that we have is a PEOPLE career. How we treat people. How we invest in people. How we chose people. How we interact with people. How we teach people. How we persuade people. How we lead people.
There is a ton of tactics that you can use to hep you.
Treat people as you want to be treated. Be deliberate about helping your team grow. Hire tough manage easy. Bring the energy. Never miss a moment to teach. Be charming, be yourself Lead from the front
It’s Values vs Tactics…
It comes down to this; How much do you care about people? When it’s not much, all those tactics won’t do much. When people are the single most important thing to you, those tactics are already a part of your life. The honest answer is probably somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, right? Make no mistake, when you’re values are further towards people being precious to you, your career will TAKE OFF. That one value will create culture, address issues, raise performance, build leaders, and CONSTRUCT LEGACY. It’s about loving them, putting your arms around them, and placing their needs before yours.
They don’t work for you. You work for them.
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