Imaginary Enemies

Kids Have Imaginary Friends
Adults have Imaginary Enemies

I used to love negative stuff. That, “they held me down and I broke free” garbage.

Or these internet memes that say shit like “let the haters fuel you”.

It’s stupid, dude. It’s fake positivity.

If you care enough to nickname an imaginary group of people “haters” then you’re spending your time focused on the negative (and you’re possibly delusional).

I mean, honestly, no one hates you, and no one is trying to hold you back from accomplishing anything. Yeah, you probably have some competition out there, but they don’t hate you.

True Energy Comes in From Helping

Motivation is fickle. Inspiration comes and goes. Discipline waxes and wanes.

You want REAL energy?

Go change someone’s life. That’s where the energy is. That’s where the positivity is.

With just your words, you can move a person to tears. You can help them step away from their anxiety. You can show them that it’s possible for them to move their mountains!

I’ve spent a lot of years trying a lot of things. As an individual that tends to over think, I can, at times, end up down a rabbit hole working on things that have little ROI. • • Through a series of events over the past 52 weeks (almost exactly) I have found the values that have the largest ROI... • • And what’s odd is that all the things I tried to DO (with varying success), have started coming to fruition while not directly working on them. • • This post is VALUE #2: Bring others w/you. It was a caption to something I’d wrote the other day about working hard. I posted it to Facebook, and my dad picked out this quote. I had wrote it, and I missed the damn thing!! • • Thanks for pointing out the most important part that was buried in a caption dad! And happy Father’s Day!❤️

Add Some Practicality

Here, let’s think about it in a bit more practical way.

A text message from the right person can change your whole mood.

A text message from you can change someone else’s whole mood.

Stop right now and send one. A text that says “Thanks” or ” I miss you” or “I love you” and then smile because you’ve helped someone today.

I’d love to know who you texted and what it said!

Hit me @Nick_O_Glass on Twitter with the hashtag #textpositivity

When they reply tell them they can conquer whatever is in their world. The grind…or their demons…or whatever. Be there to support them, and you’ll keep them from blaming the haters!

Plugged In

Inspiring others and adding to the fullness of their life is being plugged into a real power source instead of running on batteries.

I mean, embrace the fact that maybe you’re and underdog, and of course we all have some sort of adversity that we fight against, but the focus is on YOU, the underdog, rising up to WIN.

Fighting against other people is fake. That’s running on batteries, and that motivation is short lived, guaranteed.

Be uplifting. It’s inspiring others to watch!



No Expectations – That’s How You Win In Business

How in the world can you have no expectations in business and expect to win?

It’s simple, and I’m about to teach it to you in less than 2 minutes.

Business is All About High Expectations

Obviously business is highly competitive. Tracked by metrics and KPIs. At times it almost feels like it’s life or death!

Having high expectations is the name of the game…RIGHT?

After all, the higher your expectations, the better your teams performance.

Those high expectations motivate, hold accountable, and create winning cultures.

If you’re not expecting greatness, you’ll never achieve it.

Yeah, maybe…

So Here’s The Secret

Business is disproportionately about PEOPLE.

As we lead and influence others, we end up giving so much of ourselves to them and their progress.

You have to have NO EXPECTATIONS that anyone “pays you back” for that selflessness.


That’s not to say that you WON’T be paid back.

Because you will be!

Your efforts to invest in others will end up helping you in the long run.


But you can’t place that expectation on the person that you helped!

You see, the recipe is simple…

Give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give….

Whether it’s a customer you went out of your way for, a peer that you stayed late to help, or a subordinate that you practiced patience with…

When you GIVE with NO EXPECTATION you will win with people. That, in turn, will cause you to win in business.



EGO & Your Life As A Community

Those who have subdued their ego understand that it doesn’t degrade you when others treat you poorly. It degrades them.” –Ryan Holliday

I’ve been thinking a lot about EGO lately, and it fits into my theory that most of the world is counterintuitive.

When we push to beat other people at things, when we compete, it’s actually a zero sum game, There is a winner and a loser, thus, no value is added. It’s was just moved from person to person.

Our EGO needs that win to validate us, yet we never feel validated. Never feel like we got what we were owed.

Once you realize something, it will shift how you see the world, and in turn shift how the world sees you, and more importantly reacts to you.

That realization is…

You can just stop competing.

Stop doing things to win. Stop measuring success against others. Stop egging on competition among teammates. Quit chasing that next rush for your EGO to soak in.

And guess what happens?

All the “stuff” that you’ve chased for years will start falling in your lap.

All the things that you’ve struggled to author will start being co-authored by others around you.

All that shit that you’ve wanted “credit for” will feel differed now because you don’t need credit for anything, because you’re not doing anything to receive credit.

Start seeing life differently. Feel it as a community, not a competition. Every single conversation is adding value and nudging your community in a specific direction. Every single interaction adds value to your community.

It’s not you against anyone. There are no “haters”. It’s you potentially changing someones world.

Your life as a community is part of a much larger community of your area, your state and of the world!

When we think of it like that, and you add value to someone, it adds value to the community, and in turn adds value right back to you.

Parkinsons Law Glassett Origin Leadership

I Don’t Need More Time. What I Need Is a Deadline (Parkinson’s Law)

So I’m currently unemployed.

Yes, it’s amazing in many ways, especially because I’ve worked over 50 hours every week since I was 19 years old (save for vacations of course) and worked over 60 hours per week since I was 25 years old.

I’m now 34.

I’m decompressing and trying to discover who I actually am without Journeys to define me.

And I’m learning something very interesting about myself…

What I have learned about myself over the last 3 weeks of having no job is…

I’m damn close to the person that I thought I was!

I was told that I’d have identity crisis. Or that I’d have to find my self or my personality…


Of course, some things in my head and in my actions are slightly different; I’m happier. Much more relaxed! 1000% more present in the moment without work to “worry” me or a work phone with never ending notifications nagging for my attention.

But all in all, I’m the same dude.

Still not super outgoing, but highly engaging once I’m in conversation.
Still not THAT funny, but kinda funny.
Still my same super power of sitting down at a table one-on-one with someone and having them ask me advice (an interview essentially).
Still a thinker.
Still a doer to the same level as before.

Maybe I’m more self-aware than I thought?

Maybe I’m more secure in who I am?

Shit, maybe I haven’t totally found myself yet and I will be someone different than I always thought? Who knows…

But what I will tell you is this…

Work Will Expand to Fill the Time Available for it’s Completion

It’s called Parkinson’s Law.

Basically, if you have 8 hours to do something, it’s going to take 8 hours.

If you have 8 hours to accomplish 2 things, it’s going to take 8 hours.

I have a quote that I got from somewhere a long time ago that has always been one of my favorites…

I Don’t Need More Time. What I Need Is a Deadline.

You know how that works! Your teacher in high school gives you 2 months to do a project, and what do you do? Wait until 3 days before it’s due to start.

As you struggle to finish, you say “I need more time!” and then your teacher (annoyingly) reminds you that the project was assigned 2 months ago.

That has become my life!

Now, I am for sure accomplishing more now than when I worked 60 hours per week, and the house is cleaner and I take the time to walk my son Boston to the bus stop every morning at 7:50am…

But I can’t finish as many things as I thought I could with all this free time! It’s been crazy!

Solving for Parkinson’s Law

I’m looking for the “life hack” to either overcome Parkinson’s Law, or how to add more things into the “time available for completion“.

I’m trying To Do Lists. They are getting more organized and robust, and that is going well.

I’m working on getting a LOOSE routine in place (mainly because routine drives me nuts).

I’m setting my alarm for 5:30am tomorrow and when that phone goes off, I’m GETTING UP.

This morning I set the stage so when I woke up, I had no pajamas to put on, only work out clothes. And Thursday is usually my rest day because I play indoor soccer on Wednesdays…But I put those clothes on, and then worked out once the fam was gone. I learned that trick from Jocko Willink.

It’s just odd not having any deadlines now!

Be interesting to see how this evolves 🙂



everything we do is perfect a lesson in working too much Nick Glassett origin leadership

Everything We Do Is Perfect (A Lesson in Working Too Much)

I work a lot. Like A LOT.

And, when I look back at my 20s, I actually wish I would have worked more.

Yep, more….

I ambitiously sacrificed a large amount of the fun that most kids in their early 20’s in exchange for a chance to build a meaningful career.

I actually love to borrow a term from sportscaster Colin Cowherd to describe this so-called sacrifice…

“Surrender the Bro Years”

Ok… so, even though I skipped college parties, and lots of boating trips, camp outs, and other potential world travel to chose to work like crazy, I know I could’ve done more.

Yes. MORE. But how?

I definitely don’t think I should have worked more days.

I KNOW I shouldn’t have worked more hours.

No, no…

What I’ve realized now is that I could’ve worked much more FOCUSED.

In those younger years I thought working hard meant working non-stop. Always on, and always focused on winning in business.

But, all that time I spent CONSTANTLY working wore me down to where I wasn’t very sharp very often.

My mind couldn’t think as creatively with no time to unwind.

My body couldn’t get into great shape being constantly worn out.

And it was difficult to make friends because I thought I always needed to be looking at my phone (which was a BlackBerry back then).

So I say all that to say this…

The Way I Did It Was Perfect.

What I did was perfect.

I know, that sounds crazy…but hear me out.

I can say that because those actions and decisions brought me here so I could write this blog post for you to read.

It caused me to meet my beautiful wife Michelle and caused us to have two amazing children, Boston and Brodie. And it caused me to meet all the amazing friends I have.

Everything we all do is perfect. It has to be. Because there’s no what-if machine or time machine, to check on what other decisions would’ve caused.

And while the past may be just right, it doesn’t mean that we can’t use history to teach us how we can change our intentions for future actions.

What my past ambitions have taught me is that it actually takes LESS work than I think to be successful.

Less days in a row. Less hours per week. Less constant thinking.

What it takes is more meaningful days, and more meaningful hours. It’s thinking about work less often, but when you are thinking about it, you become consumed with it.

Profound change to experience. And one that can’t be communicated unless you’ve had it too!

BTW, I know I’m not some genius for talking about this concept. I know it has existed for years and been called 100 different things communicated 1000 different ways. But here’s the thing, it has to hit you at the right time from the right person with the right delivery for it to be profound. 8000 people read these blog posts per month. If it strikes one person just right, then it’s a success to me!

So why all the hours and why all the days and why all the constant attention on work?

Survival Mode Turned Into Ego Driven

It started out as a survival thing.

I dropped out of school and perused a career against the advice of most everyone, especially my parents that were paying my tuition at the University of Utah.

So I had to win, or face the “I told ya so’s” and quite possibly experience the real world for the cold thing that most tell you it is.

In order to win, I did what I knew…I hustled my face off. At first, the insane work ethic worked great!

But then something changed…

While it started as a survival thing, it eventually turned into an ego thing.

I needed the bragging rights from all those hours. I wanted the reactions from people when I told them worked 81 hours last week.

I’m not joking when I say that I used to hang my time card on my own refrigerator!

But it wasn’t just ego though…

It was also insecurity.

I was over stating the importance of my efforts in order to appease the opinions of other people.

The funny thing though about that…And this is going to get super meta here…

The “opinions of other people” that we so often concerned about, are actually our own opinion of what we think their opinion is going to be.

That means that I did all this out of a need to either impress someone or to not look bad to someone, and there’s a very good chance that they either didn’t give a shit, or they actually thought the opposite, thinking that I was a lunatic or an egomaniac (as always, truth is probably somewhere in the middle).

But we never pick our head up to think that the opinions of others are actually OUR opinions of what they’re opinions might be,  because we’re too busy being consumed by what we think other people think.

The old saying applies perfectly, perception becomes reality.

“Everyone is watching so I better work 56 hours this week!”

No One Counts the Hours on Your Timecard Except You and Your Significant Other.

No one counts the hours on your timecard except you and your significant other.

Usually at least one of those two hates it!

So what’s the lesson?

The lesson is, work hard AF while you’re clocked in. Maybe strategize a little when your clocked out, but for hell sakes, clock out in body, mind, and soul. Get away, do something else you love, and enjoy life.

In between accomplishments there’s this thing called life that’s pretty fun to enjoy.

1 pls 1 equals 11 leaders touch lives

1 + 1 = X (Leaders Touch Lives)

Solve for X

1 +1 = X

As leaders we do LOTS of things.

We also have A LOT of responsibilities.

The crazy thing about leading, though is that YOU HAVE FOLLOWERS.

So, what do you do with that AUDIENCE?

How do you deploy that amazing workforce?

Do you add value to them?


Do you take value them?

Do you help them find a sense of who they are, or do you tell them who they need to be?

In the world of MATH, 1 + 1 = 2

In the world of leadership, 1 + 1 = 11

Take the time to invest in the lives you touch.

See your followers with no ego.

Give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give…

Feel your way through human experiences.

Be the light that guides.

Put people on.


Love, NG

Nick Glassett

Quit Complaining (Cold F***ing Turkey)

I wrote this to share my POV on how much more effective positivity is vs negativity, and how much my life has recently changed as I have made the conscience effort to lean positive instead of negative! Hope you enjoy it!
And please, any and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated. Reply to the email, or hit me on the socials @nick_o_glass! Thanks for reading!!!

I’ve had a fantastic life. 

It starts with me being born. That was awesome. 

On top of that, HUMAN. Damn, it’s like the lottery!

Gary Vaynerchuk actually says that those 2 things happening are 400,000,000,000 to 1. 

Plus I got two parents that loved me and took damn good care of me AND I got great health, and this all took place in America mind you. 

On top of ALL THAT, I hit adulthood in the best era of mankind. Medicine, opportunities, technology, etc. 

Let’s fast forward to high school now. Never faced any real adversity, never any hardships or issues or anything hold me back. 

So what the hell did I have to complain about????

Fucking everything. But why?

I have no idea. Because it’s easy? Because it’s in my nature? No real clue…

People call me negative and I scoff at them. 

Now, let’s fast forward to my late 20s. I’m successful, I’m a leader in a large corporation with about 250 employees under me, and I start getting called negative again. 

I can’t figure it out this time! I’m not negative. I’m happy and positive and engaging…

Fast forward a few more years to age 32. 

Through a series of events, courses, and seminars, I discover that I bitch about everything. Like, everything I possibly can. It’s practically the only way I know how to start a conversation. 

I do it because I keeps me in my comfort zone. I don’t ever have to change when I just complain about how new stuff sucks. I don’t have to follow the rules when the rules are stupid. I don’t have to be on time when traffic was the worst thing on earth today. I don’t have to account for my short comings when it’s my boss’ fault. 

You see where I’m going? 

My complaining masked everything inside of me so I didn’t have to do anything “hard”. 

And complaining was my go to move. I was a master. A complaint ninja setting traps for others to walk into so I could bitch and whine. A complaint pirate hijacking your bad fortune to complain some more. 

Once I saw this about myself, it scared the shit out of me. 

No wonder some people didn’t like to be around me. No wonder I had like 5 real friends. 

So then recently, I decided to stop complaining. It was hard. It was scary to venture out into the world without my shield. 

And in order to overcome it, I started to ACT grateful because I was having a hard time THINKING grateful. 

The conundrum: think you way into new actions, or act your way into new thoughts?

I chose the latter. 

And all the sudden, one day, I realized I was getting better at it. It was crazy, but it was like a light switch was flipped on and others were now drawn to me instead of “on guard” around me. 

And I was just flat out happy. On the regular. For no reason. 

And then, like it’s compounding interest, it just kept growing and growing!!!

One day I looked back and said, “damn dude, I used to be so negative!” 

Hahahah. They were right all along!

This huge journey of self realization and positivity is one that I want to share with people, but I’m not completely sure how to do it. I know that just by being positive, and ending my complaining, it’s having an impact on the people that I’m around, because I can see and feel the difference in my relationships. 

But I want to communicate this EVEN MORE. 

I suppose that my message is to position yourself on the side of positivity, and let that guide you where you need to go. Positivity will ALWAYS win, it just usually takes longer 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!!

inspirational quotes for employee appreciation

17 Inspirational Quotes for Employee Appreciation

These inspirational quotes are going to be a bit different than what you would think.

It’s not going to be a bunch of RA-RA cheerleader stuff…hell no.

These quotes focus on building relationships that will raise performance and SHOW employees that you appreciate them. Not just some words that say it.

Let’s get right to it…

Top 3 Inspirational Quotes for Employee Appreciation

  1. The key to performance isn’t about trying push new conversations about strategy in, but rather clearing out the clutter.-Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan
  2. If you aren’t in over your head, then how do you know how tall you are? -T. S. Eliot
  3. Notice the difference between asking ‘Can I do this?’ And, ‘How am I going to do this?’Keep reading for the full list of all 17 Inspirational Quotes for Employee Appreciation…

How To Use These Quotes

These quotes are INSPIRATIONAL in that the goal is to inspire the employees to think for themselves, solve problems, and exploit opportunities!

They are not about cheering people on…

I call that kind of feedback MOTIVATIONAL because you’re trying to motivate people to try harder.

To use these inspirational quotes, you need a few things to be set up already:

  • Strong business relationships
  • Team of motivated individuals
  • Respect from the team

Let’s take a quick look at each of these…

Why Do You Care In the First Place?

Why do you want inspired employees and why do you want to show them appreciation?

If the answer is…

  • Morale is low
  • They don’t seem motivated, or
  • There’s a rumor that you don’t appreciate your employees

…then we’ve got bigger issues to tackle my friend!

So, listen closely…

The Toughest Work a Leader Can Do

There is no number of inspirational quotes to fix a dysfunctional relationship with an employee.

And fixing a strained relationship is the toughest work that a leader will ever have to do!

Before venturing any further I suggest you read this post. It’s about how impactful a leader’s words can be, for the better and for the worse!

When your relationships with your employees are all healthy, they begin to resemble more of a partnership.

If that describes your connection with your team, then we’re on the right track!

Before we talk about the inspiration quotes for employee appreciation, some food for thought…

Leaders Don’t Motivate, They Inspire

If your employees aren’t motivated, you’re going to need more than some badass quotes.

Here’s why…

Motivation = The Desire to Try
Inspiration = Feeling or Seeing the Leader’s Vision

Maybe you do the hiring, maybe you don’t…but this BONUS QUOTE cuts to the bone:

“If you want motivated people you have to find them, not motivate them.”

Let’s break that down a tad…

So, Why Can’t I Motivate?

Face it, you just can’t motivate someone.

I know, that’s not a very popular take, but it’s true, and here’s why…

It’s the employee’s responsibility to bring the motivation to you. This would mean they are SELF-MOTIVATED.

From there you can inspire, by helping them pinpoint their dreams and goals, and then pushing them to achieve those goals by teaching, training, holding them accountable, and following up on progress.

I actually have another BONUS QUOTE that I like to use to make this point…

“I’d rather inspire my varsity team to championships than motivate my JV team to try”

If they don’t want to try, you’re going to waste your time!

That’s why I say that leaders don’t motivate, they inspire.

OK one last thing…

Before we get to the list of inspirational quotes for employee appreciation, I’ve got one last thing that I want to touch on, and that is R E S P E C T.
(high five if you spelled that out like the song)…

People Work for People

How Much Do Your Employees Respect You?

People work for people.

That means when someone quits, they didn’t quit the company, THEY QUIT YOU. This is true 80% of the time.

Tough to hear? Find yourself getting defensive?

Sure, there are employees that quit that weren’t a good fit and are better off leaving, but a majority of them quit the leader, not the organization

More food for thought: That’s STILL the leader’s fault for hiring the wrong person!

Check out THIS oldie but goodie (which is actually the 1st thing I ever published to the internet!) about garnering more respect from your team.

OK, OK…And now, without further adieu…

17 Inspirational Quotes for Employee Appreciation

The key to performance isn’t about trying push new conversations about strategy in, but rather clearing out the clutter. -Book: 3 Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan
This is one of my favorite quotes because in business, we almost always look to ADD when we want to affect performance, yet most often we need to REMOVE so we can focus on what’s important.


There are no bad teams, only bad leaders. -Jocko Willink
This one is in here because it’s all about ownership. If you have employees that feel under appreciated, or uninspired, you need to own up to your mistakes before you can move on. This is in direct correlation with the 1st quote, as that “clutter” COULD be gossip about you!


Notice the difference between asking ‘Can I do this?’ And, ‘How am I going to do this?’ -Book: Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? By Ben Hunt-Davis and Harriet Beveridge.
In both questions there is an unsure nature of how to start, but one comes with confidence and the other communicates doubt and fear.


Many people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions. -Charles H. Brower
This quote is perfect for a time when a teammate is complaining about a process and not adding any value to the situation.


Tough times don’t last forever. Tough people do. – Robert H. Schuller
quote for showing appreciation when an employee as working super hard, or the work gets super hard. (Busy season, corporate visit, high pressure deadline, etc.)


If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing wrong. What holds us back is fear of failure. Just try…go…fail, and then adjust!! -Joe Calloway 
Joe wrote the book Be the Best at What Matters Most and it’s a book that I suggest. This quote means that if you’re going to screw up, do it with 100% conviction. I’d rather see an employee comitted to their dream and do it wrong, than do nothing at all.


Most people have a desire to look for the exception instead of a desire to be exceptional. -John Maxwell, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
One of the most important leadership books ever written, and a quote that speaks volumes. Most people would rather find the excuse or reason they failed instead of working to be a success.


No matter how bad things are, you can always make them worse.
This is a funny one because it’s a positive statement said in a negative way. It’s a great reminder that things really aren’t that bad, even when they seem desperate. Stop worrying and go fix it!


If you aren’t in over your head, then how do you know how tall you are? –T. S. Eliot
The reason I LOVE this quote so much is because I’m a hustler. I like a lot on my plate and when I’m not working like a maniac, then I ask for more. You can’t grow unless you’re pushed!


Your abilities say win. What does your attitude say? -Nick Glassett (me!)
Smart, driven, and talented means nothing when the person is negative and toxic!


The essence of competitive advantage is doing different things, and doing things differently. -Book: 3 Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan
This is a great reminder that when “they” zig, you’ve got to zag! And the second quote from this book (it’s that good of a read, I suggest it to all leaders!)


Short term easy means long term difficult and short term difficult means long term easy. -Book: Take The Stairs by Rory Vaden
This is a discipline quote. Do what’s easy now, and you’re going to have to kill yourself later to catch back up. Do what’s hard now, and you’ll be ahead of schedule.


Successful people do what others don’t want to do and they in turn get extraordinary results. -Book: Take The Stairs by Rory Vaden
Another one from Rory! I call this, The Winning Formula: Do the things that cause winning. Simple, but not easy. It’s the studying, the practice, the rehearsal, and the work that causes great things to happen.


Get good at being a trouble maker and saying sorry when you really screw up. –Book: 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
This may seem like an odd quote to tell your employees…after all, you don’t want trouble makers do you? I don’t just say yes, I say HELL YES. It’s an empowerment and a trust thing. Nothing communicates “I trust you” like this Tim Ferriss Quote.


Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is taking action in the presence of fear. – David Cunningham, Landmark Forum Leader
I heard this when I did the incredibly powerful Landmark Forum, and I use it often. Anytime there is a situation that has one of my teammates nervous, this quotes causes action to take place (especially public sharing at a meeting).


Find the sense of who you are, then it will translate into an ease and confidence in how you come off to others. -Unsure of where I got this from
I firmly believe that when you help people be themselves, and not some “improved” or different version is when you truly get inspired action!


Change what you do so you can change how you feel. -Nick Glassett (me)
When people are failing, you would thing they would change what they are doing, but they don’t. Instead they double down and try harder instead of trying something else.

Put in the Time With the People

So there you have it, 17 of my favorite inspirational quotes for employee appreciation.

Many of them are different than your ordinary, optimistic, cheerleader stuff.

I hope you enjoyed it, and would love if you dropped a comment with your opinion and if you used any of these 🙂




For the Love of the Grind (Why I Don’t Set Many Goals)

Good Wednesday Morning!

I had a funny conversation with my best friend last night.

He just got back from a 10 day vacation out in the wilderness at a family cabin up in north Washington (practically Canada), and he was telling me that he thinks that the way society is set up with work and bills etc is something that he disagrees with.

He just wants to go on adventures and not have to work.

There’s not a TON of advice to give here, but I at least tried…

I told him to start filming his “adventures” and putting it on the internet. Others do it and make a living!

He didn’t like that idea either though…lol.

My final advice for him was simple…it’s ALL work. Life I mean.

I have a MUCH different view of the world as he does, so in my opinion, work is where my enjoyment lives!

Not that I wouldn’t love backpacking through the Smokey mountains or 2 weeks in Europe attending as many soccer games as humanly possible, but…

It’s a BUILDING thing for me.

I want to create something that can change a person’s life.
A culture that they feel at home in.
A system that helps them succeed and fulfill dreams.
A company that impacts PEOPLE over and over and over.
A MACHINE that can exponentially raise my abilities to touch even more lives.

That’s why I love what I do.
That’s why I don’t set many “goals”.

I think goals are fine and dandy.
But I also feel passionately that no one grinds hard and makes tough decisions for years at a time so they can buy a new watch!

It’s the LOVE of that process and that grind that keeps me coming back day in day out.

Now for my buddy, what GRIND is he going to love? Who knows…

But look at what you do for a living, and find what you LOVE in there, but don’t just look at the activities (hiring, selling, training, analytics etc

Look at the VALUES.

My value is BUILDING. What’s yours?

Thank you!

Never Let Down

Good Monday Morning!!

You wanna know how to never get sick?
Always be on.

Because your immune system lets down when you do.

You have a period of intense pressure and preparation, like finals in school, and when you get through to the other side, and you’re tired (physically and/or mentally) so you breathe a sign of relief, you relax, and you let your guard down.

And then you get a cold.

Now I know that it’s conventional wisdom to “never say never” so, how can I say “NEVER get sick” and “ALWAYS be on”?

Because, it’s ALMOST true.

I actually tell myself that I never get sick, and it helps me remember that if I breathe that sigh of relief, then the cold is around the corner!

Talk Big Picture

BTS is finishing up this week. MS today, and all of LA Wednesday.

It’s been a wild ride of early mornings, late nights, and sweaty days in the store….and WE NEED TO FINISH HARD!

And when school starts, we ain’t really done with anything! Yes, we move past this period, but we’re right into the next period, which is RECALIBRATE and REFOCUS.

+SOPs, GOR, Training…etc. Many things need our attention!

Talk Small Picture

This is what it looks like to always be on…

Your day finishes up, and it was a long one. Feet hurt, back hurts… But that front door is NOT the finish line.

There is no finish line!

If you have a significant other, they want time with you.
If you have children, they NEED time with you.
There’s laundry, dishes, etc.

Just go hard until bedtime!

Not only is it really not that hard, but you’ll get everything accomplished and that means you’ll feel WAY better when you go to bed than if you collapse on the couch and binge watch Netflix, ignoring other responsibilities.

You’ll sleep better too!
Stay focused. Finish hard to the end! And then we keep rolling onto what’s next 🙂