Good Monday Morning!!

You wanna know how to never get sick?
Always be on.

Because your immune system lets down when you do.

You have a period of intense pressure and preparation, like finals in school, and when you get through to the other side, and you’re tired (physically and/or mentally) so you breathe a sign of relief, you relax, and you let your guard down.

And then you get a cold.

Now I know that it’s conventional wisdom to “never say never” so, how can I say “NEVER get sick” and “ALWAYS be on”?

Because, it’s ALMOST true.

I actually tell myself that I never get sick, and it helps me remember that if I breathe that sigh of relief, then the cold is around the corner!

Talk Big Picture

BTS is finishing up this week. MS today, and all of LA Wednesday.

It’s been a wild ride of early mornings, late nights, and sweaty days in the store….and WE NEED TO FINISH HARD!

And when school starts, we ain’t really done with anything! Yes, we move past this period, but we’re right into the next period, which is RECALIBRATE and REFOCUS.

+SOPs, GOR, Training…etc. Many things need our attention!

Talk Small Picture

This is what it looks like to always be on…

Your day finishes up, and it was a long one. Feet hurt, back hurts… But that front door is NOT the finish line.

There is no finish line!

If you have a significant other, they want time with you.
If you have children, they NEED time with you.
There’s laundry, dishes, etc.

Just go hard until bedtime!

Not only is it really not that hard, but you’ll get everything accomplished and that means you’ll feel WAY better when you go to bed than if you collapse on the couch and binge watch Netflix, ignoring other responsibilities.

You’ll sleep better too!
Stay focused. Finish hard to the end! And then we keep rolling onto what’s next 🙂



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