I wrote this to share my POV on how much more effective positivity is vs negativity, and how much my life has recently changed as I have made the conscience effort to lean positive instead of negative! Hope you enjoy it!
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I’ve had a fantastic life. 

It starts with me being born. That was awesome. 

On top of that, HUMAN. Damn, it’s like the lottery!

Gary Vaynerchuk actually says that those 2 things happening are 400,000,000,000 to 1. 

Plus I got two parents that loved me and took damn good care of me AND I got great health, and this all took place in America mind you. 

On top of ALL THAT, I hit adulthood in the best era of mankind. Medicine, opportunities, technology, etc. 

Let’s fast forward to high school now. Never faced any real adversity, never any hardships or issues or anything hold me back. 

So what the hell did I have to complain about????

Fucking everything. But why?

I have no idea. Because it’s easy? Because it’s in my nature? No real clue…

People call me negative and I scoff at them. 

Now, let’s fast forward to my late 20s. I’m successful, I’m a leader in a large corporation with about 250 employees under me, and I start getting called negative again. 

I can’t figure it out this time! I’m not negative. I’m happy and positive and engaging…

Fast forward a few more years to age 32. 

Through a series of events, courses, and seminars, I discover that I bitch about everything. Like, everything I possibly can. It’s practically the only way I know how to start a conversation. 

I do it because I keeps me in my comfort zone. I don’t ever have to change when I just complain about how new stuff sucks. I don’t have to follow the rules when the rules are stupid. I don’t have to be on time when traffic was the worst thing on earth today. I don’t have to account for my short comings when it’s my boss’ fault. 

You see where I’m going? 

My complaining masked everything inside of me so I didn’t have to do anything “hard”. 

And complaining was my go to move. I was a master. A complaint ninja setting traps for others to walk into so I could bitch and whine. A complaint pirate hijacking your bad fortune to complain some more. 

Once I saw this about myself, it scared the shit out of me. 

No wonder some people didn’t like to be around me. No wonder I had like 5 real friends. 

So then recently, I decided to stop complaining. It was hard. It was scary to venture out into the world without my shield. 

And in order to overcome it, I started to ACT grateful because I was having a hard time THINKING grateful. 

The conundrum: think you way into new actions, or act your way into new thoughts?

I chose the latter. 

And all the sudden, one day, I realized I was getting better at it. It was crazy, but it was like a light switch was flipped on and others were now drawn to me instead of “on guard” around me. 

And I was just flat out happy. On the regular. For no reason. 

And then, like it’s compounding interest, it just kept growing and growing!!!

One day I looked back and said, “damn dude, I used to be so negative!” 

Hahahah. They were right all along!

This huge journey of self realization and positivity is one that I want to share with people, but I’m not completely sure how to do it. I know that just by being positive, and ending my complaining, it’s having an impact on the people that I’m around, because I can see and feel the difference in my relationships. 

But I want to communicate this EVEN MORE. 

I suppose that my message is to position yourself on the side of positivity, and let that guide you where you need to go. Positivity will ALWAYS win, it just usually takes longer 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!!

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