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2 thoughts on “The Total Bounce House Business Starter Kit

  1. What’s up nick interested in the rolling straps if available and also had a question, we just received 4 new units that look like they are set up for a soaker or mister hose instead of the head attachment. Do you have any suggestions on which would be best I have never used them before and there are a bunch out there, don’t want to buy 3 or 4 before I find a good one if possible thank you in Advance

    1. Hey Daniel! use this LINK to buy the Pull Off Rolling Straps!

      I just bought a hose from Ninja Jump $9.95 and a soaker misting system from tent and table $50 but haven’t messed with them yet. The tent and table is pretty cool how its designed! Ninja jump one is just a garden soaker hose that is shortened…simplicity can be a beautiful thing haha

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