bounce house business starter kit

The Total Bounce House Business Starter Kit

I was inspired to make The Total Bounce House Starter Kit because of my Youtube channel, which focuses on teaching bounce house business information, is growing very quickly, and I am getting flooded with questions from my followers asking how to start a bounce house business, and what the pros and cons of starting a bounce house business were.

Because I seem to be typing very similar responses all day long, I decided to make this bounce house business starter kit as a guide and checklist to help add some clarity on how and where to start!

Below I have created the Total Bounce House Business Starter Kit. It contains: A list of items to buy/setup NOW, list of items to buy later, list of Nick’s Favorite suppliers, Action Plan in the beginning, where to reach Nick to ask questions (he answers every DM on IG), actions to take once your getting rentals, and many of Nick’s helpful YouTube videos.

While I cover some great info here, and in my YouTube videos, I can tell you that the single most important thing that you need to do, has nothing to do with me, or the info your about to read. In order for you to win and start a successful bounce house business… you have to go and do it!

Stop wondering about it. Stop investigating it. Stop contemplating on it…

Just go.

The Total Bounce House Business Starter Kit

this stuff First:

  • Free Bounce House Liability Waiver Download – You need to be protected with a liability waiver and a rental contract. This bounce house waiver is ready for you to plug your info in and GO (please have your lawyer and insurance agent approve prior to using for rentals).
  • Nick’s Inflatable Rolling Straps The Pull Off – Use by hand or with a winch like in this YouTube video
  • Inflatable Office – This is Nick’s rental software provider. If you have less than 10 units its FREE! Check out the website they can create for you HERE
  • A Bounce House Business Plan – Fully editable so you can get yourself off on the right foot!
  • Track your revenue, expenses, mileage, etc on a Spreadsheet
  • Bounce House Dolly – You need REAL equipment to move these bounce houses. Here is the three dollies that we use at the Jump Off:
    1. Rollsall 36 Volt Electric Dolly – Absolute BEAST. No words do describe how great it is! Tell the fellas Nick referred you!
    2. Jolly Dolly HD w/Wagon – Incredible machine, built like a tank. Amazing for the BIG slides. Let Gary know I sent you!
    3. Spacewalk Super Mover – This is the best starter dolly if you’re on a budget, we have two at the Jump Off and we use them every weekend. Tell Cory Nick sent you!
  • Cossio Insurance – This is Nick’s insurance provider. They are great!
  • XInsurance – Call 801.304.5565
  • Patch Kit – For when you rip a slide, you can be ready to patch it quick!
  • Sandbags – For setting up inflatables on concrete
  • Garden HoseYour waterslides and wet/dry combos need hoses to connect to the water sprinkler
  • Mr Clean Disinfecting Wash – Nick’s best soap for washing bounce houses and slides.
  • Shop vac – Used for cleaning out the bounce houses and pools on waterslides.
  • 30ft shopvac hose – Live saver here! Now you won’t have to take the vacuum into the bounce house.
  • Magic Erasers – Miracle product for getting stains out of bounce houses!system at the top.
  • Tarps – I like to tarp under the entire unit, keeps everything CLEAN.

Get This Stuff Later

Nick’s Favorite Suppliers (Buy Some Units)

Spacewalk – This is where Nick likes to buy his wet/dry combos
EZ Inflatables – Great waterslides, great prices. Tell them I sent you!
Corona Bounce – Great waterslides and Combos. A true up and comer! Let Bryan know I sent you!
RollsAll – Electric Dolly that will save your legs!
Facebook Marketplace – Search keywords, add a $600 min in the filter, and start looking for used slides

What To Do in the Very Beginning (Action Plan)

  • Name your business – Choose something fun and original!
  • Start your Business Page with Facebook
  • Inflate your units in a good area, and take some GOOD pictures
  • Google “Inflatable rentals” and take note of the competition’s prices
  • Post your units for rent on Facebook Marketplace, price them a LITTLE below the competition
  • Sign up for Inflatable Office (under 10 units its FREE. Above 10 units it’s $114/month)
  • Get insured through Cossio Insurance
  • Spend one whole day, at least 8 hours, working on your Facebook Page
  • Invite every friend to like your FB page, and ask every family member to invite all their friends
  • Create content for the FB page as mush as you can, only ask for business on 1 in 5 posts TOPS
  • Practice patience, it takes time to grow. You’ll quit your crappy job soon enough 🙂

Connect with Nick (Reach Out with Your Questions)

   📸  Instagram @Nick_O_Glass
🎥 YouTube
   🏰  The Jump Off
   👨🏻‍💻  Blog
   🎙  Podcast

What To Do Once Your Getting Rentals (Focus on Growth)

  • Start a Google My Business page
  • Consider running some ads (Google or Facebook/Instagram)
  • Spend some money on marketing. Here is Nick’s guide and downloadable templates for marketing designs.
  • Upgrade some of your equipment where needed
  • Hire a cleaning person to tackle the non-customer facing tasks

Nick’s YouTube Channel

Subscribe to Nick Glassett’s YouTube Channel

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