“The size of a person’s life is measured by the number of people that listen to you.”
-David Cunningham, Landmark Forum Leader

The leadership master John Maxwell defines leadership as influence.


If you walk around blaming others for everything, you’re diminishing the size of your leadership.

This is because people will stop listening to you.
When you lose “listeners”. . . you lose followers.
This is because your ability to influence them is lost.
When you lose followers. . . you’re not leading anymore.
And when you’re not leading. . . you’re now just “a boss”.

So instead of complaining about your situation, let’s look at…

How to be in Control of Your Situation

So can you be in control of every situation? Of course not. In fact, almost everything we have NO control over.

But there is one thing that we DO always control. . .

And like everything, it starts in the same place . . . IN BETWEEN YOUR EARS.

What you can always be in control of is. . .
Your own mind.
Your own thoughts.

When something happens that isn’t ideal, react with aggression and get on the attack, and you can control the situation.

React with complaints or reasons or excuses or by shutting down and not trying, and then the situation controls you.

We’re on stage with our followers AT ALL TIMES. When we shut down, the followers watch it.

As they do, they make a decision whether or not to FOLLOW US.

Yes they still “work for us” but doesn’t mean much if they don’t follow us.

Control your thoughts. Control your reaction. Be aggressive by default. Grow your influence. Grow your career.

Thank you,


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