Most of us have something we WANT to do. It’s specific. It’s different person to person. And none of us have enough time for it.

Write a book
Build a website
Take online classes
Change the landscaping
Workout daily
Make an app…

Then you think, “Yeah sure but I don’t have time! With the kids and the sports and the dinners and work…I DON’T HAVE TIME”.

I’m here to tell you…yeah you do. We all do.
It may not be a ton of time, but you have it.

To quote my guy Jocko, “People ask, ‘when and where do I start?’ You start right here. You start right now.

It’s not 6 hours of alone quiet time, no, it’s 20 mins here and 40 mins there.
It’s 45 minutes waking up before the rest of the family.
Not a morning person? COOL! Then it’s 45 minutes staying awake after the rest of the house is asleep.

My point is simple: Quit thinking about it. Stop talking about it. Go do it. Start and see what happens!


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