It’s Values vs Tactics, and Values Win

“Positivity is a force multiplier”

I’ve embraced a lot of things in my life; Leadership, discipline, simplicity, passion…but they all just felt like tactics that I was attempting apply.

There was a certain “staying power” that was missing.

Tactic = a tip, an action, or a life hack
Values = a “religion”, a ritual, or a philosophy on life

The value that I’m going to talk on today is the power positivity and optimism.

You Can’t Fake It

The thing about positivity is that I couldn’t “fake it until I make it” last year no matter how hard I tried.

The positive mindset is not a tactic that can be applied. It’s a value that you have to FEEL and believe in.

Once I saw the power of it, and found my path to it, I was able to resolve 30+ years of residual negativity. From that, good things have happened over and over.

What is it? And how do you get there?

Call it Karma.
Call it God.
Call it “The Universe”.
Call it the Law of Attraction.

The thing is, it occurs differently to all of us, and we all take different paths to get there, but the over reaching effect that it will have on a person is incredible!

My path to positivity was trough people and work. I had to put my ego and reputation aside and go help others.

Being selfish by nature, this was not an easy thing to do! But when I said “to hell with what people say and think” I was able to go do what I wanted and created some truly special relationships.

The Crazy Thing About This…

All the tactics that I’d tried to enact just started happening naturally (leadership, discipline, etc).

All the books that I read, and all the things that I’d looked up that never “stuck” started to be automatic. Started to “just happen”.

I lost my value of “getting credit” and through that I found my path to positivity.

In my life I’d made true attempts at complaining less, acting more grateful, listening more, being a better person, etc etc etc.

But it was never a value. It was always a tactic that was being forced on top.

And we all know how well FORCING something generally turns out! 😉

So What’s Your Path?

Of course only you can find the answer to that, but I strongly recommend examining your ego and looking at what it’s doing to corrupt your plans at personal development.

Find your guiding light (karma, god, etc) and put your best efforts into achieving the goals that get you there.

Small hint, it’s going to involve helping people in some way, I promise!

Love you!



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