The Place You Belong

Good Tuesday Morning!
Finding the place you belong is a powerful thing. As we go though adolescence there are countless times when we feel lost or out of place. Like no one understands us.
Some people find the place they belong with education…college.
Most do not.
A majority of people find a place that they can JUST BE.
Few refuse to accept that fate
A small amount of lucky people actually find the place that means more to them than anywhere else they have ever spent time.
A group of individuals that “get them” and “speak the same language”
Where a person’s core values match that of the group.
I am categorized as one of the lucky ones…
But what I invite you to consider is that it was not WHERE I ended up that I “belong to”, it’s actually the WHO I ended up WITH that gives me a sense of connection and belonging.
The countless hours spent talking to bosses, leaders, mentors and peers that added perspective.
The numerous lessons that have been taught to me, from how to ring up a customer to how to touch another person’s life.
The amount of stubbornness that my supervisors were patient with me on.
All those people, they changed the world. MY world.
Yes, you are a part of this same group. Yes we love you for who you are. Yes you add to MY world…
But realize that you have the opportunity to change the world for every single person you interact with today.
You have the opportunity to show them the place that they belong!
Enjoy making that impact 🙂


Inspired by…
Echoes by August Burns Red
The pressure is endless
The tension is pounding
Life change after life change
It’s too much for me to take
While mourning the loss I am forced to celebrate
Celebrate new life, celebrate new life
When is it too much?
When is it enough?
Burrow deep down inside
Somewhere, anywhere, a place to hide
I’m collapsed, about to burn
This will end me, set me ablaze
I’m collapsed, about to burn
I am about to explode
I can’t take much more of this
Where is my way out?
Waiting for this page to turn
I can’t even bear the silence
Where is the ringing in my ears to sing me to sleep?
Where are those who feel what I feel?
Why can’t I see the lights shining down on me?
Home will always be where my heart lives
But this is, this is my way out
This is our home away from home
Pouring our hearts across the stage
With every word, we sing together
Screaming our anthem with one another
The open road is what I need to breathe freely
Free me
The open road is what I need to breathe freely
Free me