Leaders Change Lives

I’ve worked at Journeys a long time. I’ve got asked why 1000 times. I’ve had a few different answers over the years, but now when someone asks me why I love it at Journeys, the true reason comes out of my mouth naturally, effortlessly, and POWERFULLY.

My answer…

“The leadership. Yeah, I love shoes. Yeah, Journeys is pretty cool store and we play loud music, and I’m embraced for having tattoos and stuff…but it’s because of how much the people above me care about me. I’ve been through two rough patches in my career, and both times it was because I had friction with my leader. The rest of the time, I’m not just expected to do great, I’m TRUSTED to do great.”

You’re quote of the day…STAND AND FEEL YOUR WORTH

As leaders, we change lives. 

Worth saying again because it’s so powerful. WE CHANGE LIVES. 

Now, is the change you create POSITIVE? That’s a question you have to answer 😉 

Thank you!


Get the Results You Want!

Good Tuesday Morning!

“If you’re not getting the results you want, change what you’re doing.” –Adam Robinson

You’d think that would be obvious.
You would think people would pivot, or they would change, but they don’t.
They do more of the same.
They double down on what they’ve already done.
They try harder.


They look for reasons as to why the results aren’t what they want.
They try to justify so they can keep doing more of the same.
They make excuses 🙁

Either way….

They keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

Ok, so how do you change what you’re doing?
A great starting point is to take a moment to call someone for outside perspective. As they look at the issue, since they are not attached to it, they can help you see the solution easier.
Then you have to listen, and try something different!


Try doing the opposite of what you have been doing.
Go the other way completely!
If you’ve been interviewing a few people, start interviewing a ton!
If you’ve been working 45 hours a week, start working 60.
If you’ve been working 60 hours a week, try working 45
Of course this new direction might not work either. And In that case change again, and again, AND AGAIN.
Embrace change and learn to love being uncomfortable 🙂


P.S. I write about things I struggle with, or have struggled through, not things I’ve mastered or things I’m immune to.