Good Tuesday Morning!

There are 2 mindsets in life. Just 2…


Offense is about “scoring points”.

Think about the person being on attack.
It’s acting on an idea, it’s making a move when you see an opportunity, it’s waking up early to grind, it’s staying late to grind, it’s taking action.

There is an ASSERTIVE nature to being on offense. You execute and you ask for apologies when you’re wrong. It’s positivity and action.

Defense is about “blocking points”.

Think about the person being defensive, or having a defense mechanism.
It’s hesitation on an idea. They talk about a move when they see the opportunity. It’s having a reason to sleep in, it’s finding the excuse to leave early, it’s complaining.

There is a PASSIVE nature to being on defense. They tell you why it won’t work or why they can’t do it. It’s negativity and excuses.

Offense is Positive

The people on offense undoubtedly MAKE things happen, and they have a more uplifting attitude about them, a CAN DO attitude, a WILL DO attitude. It sounds like positivity and the conversations enroll others to join them.

My friends, this epiphany of offense and defense is a powerful one, and when playing offense is a core value to you, opportunities really start to open up…over and over and over and over.

If You’re on Defense…

When you find yourself on defense, there are two things that can help immensely;

1. Give thanks – When you think about it, what do we REALLY have to complain about? We work in a great district, in a great region, for a fantastic company, in the country of opportunity, on a fine of a kind planet.

2. Mind sweep – Stress can bring on defense. Get that stuff OFF your mind and on to paper. Let it live in your planner, or your journal, or a note in your phone, and NOT in your brain. Then, look at the list, and get back on offense…ATTACK IT.

Here’s to LESS comfort zone, and MORE offense 🙂


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