Your Organizations Values

As we open up the books on 2018, notice that your future isn’t written. There’s no default that you’re living into, but rather an empty canvas that’s ready to be painted. Something that’s truly new, and fresh. It will only occur to you this way however, if you can put the decisions that shaped last year behind you, and open yourself up to the clean slate that CAN be ready for you at the opening of today.
Examine the history of the organization or team that you run, and you will be able to pick out a pattern, or a blueprint that exists below the conversations. That blueprint is often nicknamed “culture”. In order to be successful, all you need to do is define the values that make you, you, and live true to those values. As you do, you then hire people that align to those values, thus strengthening the team, and the culture simultaneously. The result is that you will have a “compass” that guides you, and while the resulting culture and clarity are very difficult to define, it will just “make sense”.
Now, if complacency starts to creep in, your “compass” will no longer be able to find North. Since you can’t find your way, you begin to stray from those values, and while it can be just as difficult to define, you begin to feel that things “aren’t right”.
It all starts with Integrity. Without that, nothing else matters. It’s about never backing down from a tough decision, not being a pushover, and always focusing on the team.“It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.” When that value is in action, it creates the space for you to work. It’s clarity and focus. That clarity translates into a motivation that’s about the enjoyment of career. The small stuff; When you have a love for what you do, learning takes a front seat as others around us see the joy that your role gives you and they want to be a part of it. You make an impact on their lives…an impact creates a bond like a professional sports team. The success of an individual brings about success of the team, and regardless who scores the points, the mission is to win! With a unified team, you can all work together to push the vision of what professional community can be by thinking forward and sharing ideas to make history.
Add value to those around you, and you will be investing into the future of the organization, and building the future.

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