The language used to describe your surroundings will become your culture.

Language is not just a form of communication. It truly shapes the way things occur to us. The term “language” refers to anything that is communicated, verbally and non-verbally. From the things that you say aloud to others, to the body language that you use to communicate. An obvious eye-roll, or a much more subtle “demeanor” given off when you harbor resentment.

The answer to “What it Reality”

The question, “What is reality”, has a vast many opinions attached to it. What is real, and what is the world/universe that we live in?
My personal favorite opinion on reality is called the “Simulation Argument”. It basically states that we are actually living in a computer simulation. Said differently, we’re an extremely complex version of The Simms. Not to dis-similar to the Matrix actually.
Now, to me, reality is something completely different, and, could theoretically be taking place in a computer simulation. If it is, it wouldn’t matter anyway, because whatever your reality is, is your reality.
My opinion on reality is that it’s in our language. What we say, is what is true. If we speak it, we make it so. When I say that “language truly shapes the way things occur to us”, what that means is that language builds your reality. Language IS reality.

Without Language, Reality Doesn’t Exist

Language is unique to humans. If we don’t have the ability to use language, we don’t have reality. Simple. Think about it, to your dog, the wood fence in the yard is just there because it’s always been there. It’s not called a fence either. It’s not called anything, because it isn’t anything. It’s just there. There’s nothing on the other side of it, or behind it, because there is no “other side” or “behind” to a dog. That’s because dogs don’t have language. Think of it a bit more complex. Dogs don’t hold grudges because grudges aren’t real. It’s just a word that humans use to describe events in the past. Dogs don’t make promises either, because there’s no such thing as a promise without the word “promise”.


So then, What Reality is Your Language Creating for Your Organization?

Your language creates either momentum or stagnation. So, on the team that  you lead, the language that you use is creating a perception of the events that happen, and thus you also create a culture. If the language and verbiage you use is that of someone who thinks “Things here suck”, then your followers will soon begin to agree. That becomes their reality. When you communicate in those terms, you’re focusing on, and actively creating a culture that will become toxic, full of complaints, and eventually performs poorly.
When the language you use is that of someone who thinks “We’re great!”, then your followers will begin to agree! That becomes your reality. When you communicate in those terms, you’re focusing on, and actively creating a culture that will become special. Full of teamwork, ideas and partnerships. This is where momentum is built!

Examine the Correlation between Language, and Performance

If foot traffic is down 10% can you win? The way that situation occurs to you will determine your performance. So, your answer  will create a reality that can come true. If the outlook is hopeless, then the customer service will be equally hopeless. When customer service is bad, there’s no chance to win, even if the foot traffic was up 10%, let alone down 10%. You see the correlation between the language and the performance? You see that the reality that is created in the language is one that almost ensures lack of success, so then lack of success becomes the future?

Move the language to a positive place, or your Superstars will move to a positive place.

Only hopeless individuals want to be in a workplace that has a culture that is hopeless. Talented individuals have options; job offers come easy, recruiters contact them often, and they are generally “magnetic”.
Keep this in mind: The way a situation occurs will ALWAYS determine performance
That can be tweaked to say; the way a team occurs will determine talent level. Or, the way a company occurs to its employees will determine turnover rate. You see how powerful language is? You see that there is no reality of “hopeless”? It’s just language creating the perception of that reality?

So How do you Change the Way The Situation Occurs?

Here’s How You Apply Language to Shape a Reality that You Want

-Before you make an effort to change performance, first consider how the situation occurs to the individuals on your team
-Listen to the teams language of how being a member of this team occurs to them
-Pay close attention to body language that also communicates how the job occurs
-Stop using descriptive language in talking about performance issues
-Instead use mental bandwidth to solve problems, not “find reasons”
-Don’t go with “what worked last time”. Use that experience to create new ideas.
-Use “we” instead of “I”, “us” instead of “you”
-Stop saying, “I can’t”. Instead say “We have a challenge.”
-Involve the team in helping to create with reality that you desire to obtain

Language is reality, and you can create any reality that you want! When you change the language, you change the way a situation occurs for the team, and then you can begin to add actionable items to improve performance.


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