Investing in others is the fastest way to garner respect from your co-workers and colleagues. If you happen to be a leader…investing in your followers is the one thing that will garner respect faster than any other activity!

The ROI on teaching others valuable lessons cannot be understated.

The best leaders are very intentional about the development of their people.”

Now, I want you to think about two things:
-Truly, how intentional and deliberate are you?
-How effective are your methods?

The first question isn’t about your INTENTIONS, it’s about your actions.

What is it that you DO that helps in the development of those that follow you? How do you teach? How do you EMPOWER them? The level of trust that you have in them is dictated by the quality of knowledge you gave them, and the level of understanding they took from what you taught them.


The second question isn’t about what you THINK you taught them, or what you FEEL they should already know.

Communication isn’t about what you say, it’s what they hear. Teaching is a form of communication. You present information to an employee, and they must retain it well enough to utilize it. If and when they don’t retain the info properly, YOU have done a poor job teaching (Setting clear expectations), or you’ve hired the wrong person for the job.

The level of respect that your employees have for you is directly connected to what the amount of value that you add to them through teaching. When you change a person’s path in life through the gift of knowledge, they’ll respect you for the rest of your lives.

If your employees don’t respect you, it’s because you’ve haven’t taught them well, but are holding them accountable for it. That means that you DIDN’T teach them, and are punishing THEM for it. No wonder they don’t respect you.

Adding value to an employee comes from helping them, not telling them that they get written up, and then eventually fired.
Help them. Teach them. Coach them. Then hold them accountable.


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