Good Thursday Morning!

I work a lot.

A lot of days and a lot of hours.

This was something that I was very proud of for a long time, and then there was a year window there where I had wondered if I worked too much and “missed my 20’s”.

Now I actually wish I would’ve worked more.

Yes. MORE.

I realized that I could’ve gone harder.
Been more focused.
More driven.

How many hours did I spend playing Call of Duty??? (Yikes)
How much time/money did I spend on parties?? (Dumb)
And most importantly, HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THIS??? (A ton)

Rest, play, and recovery and MEGA important, and I acknowledge that.

So, maybe I didn’t need to work more days or more hours…just more meaningful days and hours.

Or the same hours on more meaningful things.

I say all this for 2 reasons.

1. This time of year is about DOUBLING DOWN.
Everyone else is getting distracted, and slowing down. Look around and you’ll see it, and when you do, realize that this is your shot to start lapping people!

It’s time to grind man.

2. This is what success looks like; WORK.
It’s about the LOVE for the process, not the desire to have something. There needs to be a big GOAL to chase, but the love is about enjoying the day to day.

Enjoy the work!! 🙂

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