Motivation is fickle
Inspiration is unreliable
Focus can come and go

Being a badass isn’t about being more motivated, more inspired, or more focused. That’s because a badass already knows that those things can’t be relied on.

What separates the badass from the rest of the world? ……”JUST GO”. That’s what.

It isn’t about if they feel like it, because they probably DON’T feel like it.
It isn’t about being moved to perform today because they don’t run on inspiration.
It isn’t about if they are focused on being organized, or winning, or engaging…

Nope! You want to know what makes them different?

The badasses see, they run on a different fuel. This fuel isn’t fickle and it isn’t intermittent.

This fuel makes THEM reliable.

That fuel they run on is…JUST GO

They JUST GO do the things they need to do. JUST GO do the things they are supposed to do. JUST GO do the the things that they are afraid to do.

That’s it. That’s the whole secret.

While the rest of the world look for inspiration on Pinterest and motivation on Instagram, the badass is out of bed early taking action already.

While the ones that SAY they “want it” watch Netflix on the couch, the badass is still out there grinding because there is work to be done!

The badasses JUST GO. Despite how they feel. Despite what others say. Whether or not they get the credit or praise.

Today, let’s all work on being BADASS. JUST GO. ATTACK.


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