Before you get going on these quotes, read this: Leaders Don’t Motivate. They Inspire.

I’ve got 31 Employee Motivation Quotes for you, but First…

I want to be sure to state my belief that I strongly feel employees need to be SELF motivated. It would be a bit hypocritical for me to post this and not state that.

Now Inspiration, that’s a different story!

The two words, motivation and inspiration, they get swapped in and out a lot, and they are NOT the same thing.

  • Motivation is an internal trait
  • Inspiration is an outward force that can be applied

That said, there is times that you do need to add some employee motivation with some quotes and speeches.

  • Maybe you just took over some new employees that were de-motivated by a prior manager.
  • Or you realized that you have de-motivated your employees and need to change the momentum.
  • What if you have lost YOUR motivation and need a spark?

Show the team that you care! Your words are powerful when delivered with passion and from the heart. Use these quotes to inspire and, of course, HAVE FUN!

Ok, so here we go…

31 Killer Employee Motivation Quotes (that are actually impactful!)

Change what you do so you can change how you feel.


If it feels like it’s you vs the world, chances are it’s really you vs yourself.


Gimme a reason to fight for you and I’ll fight to the death for free.


The people who are going to be successful are going to find advantages in any situation.


Thinking is NOT doing I post this because I struggle with it, not because I’ve mastered it and not because I’m immune to it. . . . Thinkers are brilliant people but we can sometimes get bogged down by over analyzing. Or like in my case, I think that because I asked a great question that it will do something. It won’t. That’s because THINKING IS NOT DOING. . . . The secret to success lies in ACTION. And that sounds obvious, but ponder the amount of great ideas that you’ve had that you didn’t do anything with…Invention, app, website, business, GOING TO THE GYM… . . . Every second matters. So waste none, take action, get started!! Employee Motivation Quotes
Thinking is NOT doing.


I don’t need more time. What I need is a deadline.


It isn’t enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box.


If knowledge is power, then learning is your superpower.


If you argue for your limits, you get to keep them.


Find the sense of who you are, then it will translate into an ease and confidence in how you come off to others.


Courage is not the absence of fear.
Courage is taking action in the presence of fear.


Jocko Willink is a former United States Navy SEAL and author of Extreme Ownership - How US Navy SEALS Lead and Win. He teaches leadership techniques that he used in battle to apply to business teams. Jocko is INTENSE and inspirational. Here are his most memorable quotes...


Bold words don’t cover lazy actions, just like good frames won’t save bad paintings.


Fear is a fictional story written in our mind. False Evidence Appearing Real.


Today’s work turns into tomorrow’s success.


Successful people do what others don’t want to do and they in turn get extraordinary results.


The essence of competitive advantage is doing different things, and doing things differently. 


Employee Motivation Quotes
Losers focus on winners.
Winners focus on winning.


You’re not missing your target because it’s harder. You’re missing it because your softer.


People tend to become what you encourage them to be not what you nag them to be.


Your abilities say WIN. What does your attitude say?


Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.


Don’t count hours worked, track impact made.


Leaders think and talk solutions.
Followers think and talk problems.


If you aren’t in over your head, then how do you know how tall you are?


Motivation Quotes for
Don’t water the root, water the apple.


If you want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t you’ll find and excuse.


If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing wrong.


Tough times don’t last forever. Tough people do.


You deserve the life you tolerate.


How to never lose…never quit.


Notice the difference between asking “can I do this, and how am I going to do this?


Use these great employee motivation quotes to rally our team, and be sure that you speak it from the heart and be refreshing honest!



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