The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Chapter Summary.

Here is the complete 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Chapter Summary. The summary contains the tagline for each of the 21 Laws, as well as a short excerpt on each.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership list
A copy of the timeless leadership book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell

When it comes to Leadership, there is one man that is highly regarded as THE expert. His name; John Maxwell. His timeless book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” is one that has had a profound impact on many lives, including my own.

Maxwell’s well written stories and examples will guide you through a period of great personal growth. You will learn about a Law that falls within your natural strengths, and as a result it allows it allows you to improve upon that skill set. You will also learn about Laws that you may often overlook thus allowing you to spot an area of weakness, and therefore shore up that “blind spot”.

The premise of this 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership chapter summary is there are 21 “Laws” that are universally true no matter what area of society you are a leader in. The book covers one law per chapter. Here we review each quickly with a 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership chapter Summary.

Here is the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Chapter Summary.

  1. The Law of the Lid
    -Leadership Ability Determines a Person’s Level of Effectiveness
    Brothers Dic and Maurice came as close as they could to living the American Dream-without making it. Instead a guy name Ray did it with the company they had founded. It happened because they didn’t know the Law of the Lid.

  2.  The Law of Influence
    -The True Measure of Leadership Is Influence – Nothing More Nothing Less
    Abraham Lincoln started with the rank of captain, but by the the the war was over, he was a private. What happened? He was a casualty  of the Law of Influence.
  3. The Law of Process
    -Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day
    Theodore Roosevelt helped create a world power, won a Nobel Peace Prize, and became president of the United States. But today you wouldn’t even know his name if he hadn’t known the Law of Process.
  4. The Law of Navigation
    -Anyone can Can Steer the Ship, but It Takes a Leader to Chart the CourseUsing a fail-safe compass, Scott led his team of adventurers to the end of the earth – and to inglorious deaths. They would have lived if only he, their leader, had known the Law of Navigation.
  5. The Law of Addition
    -Leaders Add Value by Serving OthersWhat kind of Fortune 500 CEO works on a folding table, answers his own phone, visits hourly employees as often as possible, and is criticized by Wall Street for being too good to his employees? The kind of leader who understands the Law of Addition.
  6. The Law of Solid Ground
    -Trust Is the Foundation of LeadershipIf only Robert Mcnamara had know the Law of Solid Ground, the war in Vietnam – and everything that happened at home because of it – might have turned out differently.
  7. The Law of Respect
    -People Naturally Follow Leaders Stronger Than ThemselvesThe odds we stacked against her in hot about every possible way, but thousands and thousands of people called her their leader. Why? Because they could not escape the Law of Respect.
  8. The Law of Intuition
    -Leaders Evaluate Everything with a Leadership BiasHow does Steve Jobs keep reinventing Apple Computer and taking it to the next level? The answer can be found in the Law of Addition.
  9. The Law of Magnetism
    -Who You Are Is Who You AttractHow did the Confederate Army – understaffed and under equipped – stand up so long to the powerful Union Army? The Confederates had better generals. Why did they have better generals? The Law of Magnetism makes it clear.
  10. The Law of Connection
    -Leaders Touch a Heart Before Ask for a HandAs the new leader, John knew that they most influential person in the organization could torpedo his leadership. So what did he do? He reached out using the law of Connection.
  11. The Law of Inner Circle
    -A Leader’s Potential Is Determined by Those Closest to HimLance Armstrong is hailed as the greatest cyclist who ever lived. People credit his toughness. They credit his brutal training. What they miss is the Law of the Inner Circle.
  12. The Law of Empowerment
    -Only Secure Leaders Give Powers to OthersHenry Ford is considered an icon of American business for revolutionizing the automobile industry. So what caused him to stumble so badly that his son feared Ford Motor Company would go out of business? He was held captive by the Law of Empowerment.
  13. The Law of the Picture
    -People Do What People SeeEasy Company withstood the German advance at the Battle of the Bulge and dashed Hitler’s last hope for stopping the Allies’ advance. They were able to doit because their leaders embraced the Law of the Picture.
  14. The Law of Buy-In
    -People Buy into the Leader, Then the VisionThey freed their nation by passively protesting, even when it cost them their lives by the thousands. What would inspire them to do such a thing? The Law of Buy-In.
  15. The Law of Victory
    -Leaders Find a Way for the Team to WinWhat saved England from the Blitz, broke apartheid’s back in South Africa, and won the Chicago Bulls multiple wold championships. In all three cases the answer is the same. Their leaders lived by the law of Victory.
  16. The Law of the Big Mo
    -Momentum Is a Leader’s Best FriendThe two-minute film was meant to show off the power if the company’s animation technology. What it did was engage the power of the Big Mo – leading to Billions of Dollars of revenue.
  17. The Law of Priorities
    -Leaders Understand That Activity Is Not Necessarily AccomplishmentThey called him the wizard. His priorities were so focused that if you give him a date and time, he can tell you exactly what drills his players we performing and why! It won him ten championships. What can the Law if Priorities do for you?
  18. The Law of Sacrifice
    -A Leader Must Give Up to Go UpWhat would you give up for the people who follow you? This leader gave his life. Why? Because he understood the Law of Sacrifice.
  19. The Law of Timing
    -When to Lead Is As Important As What to Do and Where to GoLeaders at every level dropped the ball: the mayor, the governor, the cabinet secretary, ad the president. to one of the understood the potential devastation that can come when a leader violates the Law of Timing.
  20. The Law of Explosive Growth
    -To Add Growth, Lead Followers – To Multiply, Lead LeadersIs it possible to train more than a million people around the globe? It is if you use leader’s math. That’s the secret of the Law of Explosive Growth.
  21. The Law of Legacy
    -A Leader’s Lasting Value Is Measured by Succession
    What will people say at your funeral? The things they say tomorrow depend on how you live today using the Law of the Legacy.

That concludes the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Chapter Summary

The cover of John Maxwell’s book contains his most noteworthy 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership quote, which states, in regards to the laws, “Follow them and people will follow you.” Therefore the wisdom found in the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Chapter Summary will help shape you into a better leader, which will consequently cause a rise in your performance, whether you are a business leader, a teacher, an entrepreneur, or a non-profit.

John Maxwell makes the bold statement that, “Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership“, and there are many more like it packed into the pages of his classic book. Here I take you through 19 of the best 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Quotes.
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