Rome Didn’t Fall in a Day (Every Second Counts)

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

We all know that saying…but what I offer you to consider is that Rome didn’t FALL in a day either.

There was a specific day where the city of Rome was sacked by the Visigoths (August 24th 410 ad), but it didn’t go from world power to conquered by barbarians in one day.

It began to fall hundreds of years before it was sacked…
One small decision here.
One little change there.
An outbreak of disease…etc

The culture began to change, and it OPENED UP THE OPPORTUNITY for it to be conquered.

Life is just like ancient Rome.

Impressive accomplishments DO NOT happen in a day. It takes time and effort to do something special.

Life also falls apart just like Rome did.

We don’t just wake up one day covered in rust, with no ambition and no drive.

It starts YEARS before as one decision, on one day, in one moment. And then it starts to repeat…

A small slip up here.
A little “lazy” showing up over there.
An erosion of focus over time…
And then we begin to cut corners. Life changes as our conviction changes.

Our Rome begins to fall so slowly that we don’t even notice it at first.
And then we start to feel like our mindset has changed…
And then we start to see that our behavior has changed…a tiny bit
And we say to ourselves something like, “Hey, I need to get back to doing THINGS like I used to!”

But it’s not a THINGS problem…
It’s a MINDSET problem.

Pay attention, because…

Every single second counts. EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND.

Those quick little seconds turn into minutes. And minutes turn into hours. And hours turn into YEARS. And then all the sudden you’re in a place that you never imagined being and you have no idea how you got there or what happened.

Every second of every day is precious. Because in these tiny little seconds we are either building or decaying.

We are either moving towards conquering goals, or we are losing ground…

So…make every second count, and guard that mindset that help you build your “Rome” with every bit of energy you have.