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So what the hell are core business values?

In short is a set of 3 to 5 things that are so important to the organization that you expect everyone to exemplify them, or its the light that guides you.

You may not know how to determine your core values, or maybe you have never even thought about it.

Totally get it, as an entrepreneur, especially if youre a new comer to the boudin house buses, there’s so much to do, like physically do, that you get caught up in the to do list type stuff.

Clean this, fix that, buy more tarps blah blah blah

Not to mention trying to get customers, figuring out marketing, making t-shirts.

I think this topic is NOT going to one as sexy as “how to buy a bounce house inventory” and YES that is mega super duper important stiff, but the core values topic will cause much more success when done right and create the opportunity to buy more inventory and a more rapid pace!

All those things are important, but you need to take a step back so you can work on defining your core values.

I like to say “Slow down” and work on the BIG stuff because the big stuff will guide the little stuff.

So lets start with explaining what core values are for your business and what makes them so important?

Core business values are a short list of concepts or actions that are vital to achieve as the business, but tend to be a bit more altruistic than just “make a profit” or “make sales so I can quit my job”

Core values focus on what matters most! If you wnat to read a great book on this, Joe Calloway, be the best at what matters most is great!

Here’s some core value examples
-in my business #1 is “Aim to positively impact peoples lives” EXPLAIN
-Another good one is “finish hard to the end”
-Do the job right no matter what
-Embrace the challenge
-Find fun in the work
-Move fast and break things (Facebook)
-On time and intact – shipping company

It’s the 3 to five things that you must have in order for you business to fulfill its mission, it’s also the 3-5 things that have to be present for you to be fulfilled by your business.

It’s almost a selfish thing in my opinion. As In I couldn’t wake up and come to work for my companies if the aim wasn’t to positively impact others peoples lives. It’s my number one, so it’s The Jump Off’s number one.

Before we talk about How to find your core values we need to talk about why this matters for attracting workers.

Why Core Values are so important!

The more and more recent your employees birth year becomes, the more and more they want to be a part of something vs work somewhere.

Growing up we just wanted the job so we had the wage so we could buy the things we wanted.

Shit even if we didn’t want things we still wanted the wage!

Now, people care about that less and less and they want to be fulfilled and be at a place thats going to make a difference.

Workers will take a PAY CUT to go somewhere that they can help build and have their voice and opinion heard.

They will take less money to be somewhere that their voice is heard.


Now they care about what they are going to help you accomplish PLUS what you pay them.

So, you have to have a staff that wants to work here. You can’t just pay them to do a good job, you have to create an environment where they want to do the work, AND pay them.

This is where the core values one in.

You have to have a VISION and a way to communicate that vision that MOVES the employees to work.


And if you don’t agree with, thats fine, but you’re going to go out of business.

Your vision LIVES inside your core vales.

Without those care values to guide you, its you out here guessing and the employees(or would be employees) can feel that and will be unloyal, unreliable, and let you down.

The core values are the secret sauce that keep it all together.

The core values are the gravity inside your entrepreneur universe that binds all the elements of the team to one another.

Without gravity, there is no universe.

Now you may be sitting here listening to me get all heated about core values. Thank you for that. But you are saying this dude it way to serious about these freaking bounce houses man. Like I have 3 units I started as a side hustle…

You are 100% correct! Thats why I’;ve accomplished what I have thus far, and thats why I crush all the side hustlers!

I’m not out here guessing. I stay true to my core values and have 10 employees at The Jump Off. I live my values and have a podcast about the boucle house business that you guys listen to. I have a YouTube channel that generates money and opportunity, I have 2 new businesses in the works that are going to lacuna in the next 30 days. I have another project that I’m going to launch in the next 60 days that will help you guys and I think will be a smash success. I have some things that in talks for next year that could be HUGE, and some expansions that can happen SOON.

It’s not a secret how I do it. It’s the values that guide the way, and those values are CONTAGIOUS amongst the humans that hear my voice.

Success for others is more important than my own success to me, and that means the closer you revolve to the sun, the more abundant the opportunities will be.

It’s magnetism and the core values create that.

If you want good workers, you have to be recruiting them. If you want good workers you have to be doing great interviews.

But REALLY if you want great workers, after you meet one and interview them and like them, you have to be the person that they want to follow.

They have to be moved to work with you and that comes from the communication of your core values over everything else!

SO how in the world do you communicate your core values?

Everyone is different. Now me, I’m not super littoral about ours, nor have I ever been that way.

They arent plastered on the wall. They arent talked about every meeting. They arent even formally TAUGHT really.

Instead I live them daily, and teach the guys why it’s important to be pa=tient and to make a positive impact on someones day vs “stay on schedule”

I take a quick pause if things get too stressful and find a way to make it fun…my favorite way to do that is document or film a tiktok video.

I will stop what I’m doing to make sure the small things are done and we did it right. Extension cord ran along the fence line and spooled up in back, the velcro flap laid down nicely and neatly, the tarp edges crisp…

We move fast and rather than stand there and hypthosize about what were going to do. Planning is great, overplanning is a waste of time and we can make adjustments on the battle field more accurately than we can standing in a circle talking about the battle.

THe 5th core value is the one we quote like 30 times a day at Lets Get lit…Nothing is ever easy. We embrace the challenge while realizing that the easy job is not going to be easy and we quote #5 over and over and over.

So I Just took you through my 5 core values for all my businesses and never listed them out and recited them.

That’s my style. Is in my peronsla, and will always be in my professional. I’m growing fast so I’ll be changing this strategy a tad to be a bit more litteral with it but you can become cheesy I think and I’m not into that shit.

Here’s why…the employees will start rolling their eyes at it. You stand on you ivory tower and preach these things and the employees are like…yeah dude we get it can we just go to work now and make money.

Like the core values LITTERALLY don’t need to mean to your employees what they mean to you, m and they shouldn’t. They work here, you are the person that created “here”.

I’ve been a part of the over saturation of core values before as an employee. It gets cringe FAST.

Instead, the directives that you put in to place and the things you teach your team to do are rooted in the values so they accomplish the same aim with the same emphasis as you. I am NOT out here expecting the whole dam crew to have Just Go tattoos dude.

It’s my actions that they can see.

Its my teaching they can feel.

It’s the passion for people that I have

In the end, everyone is completely different so what I do will very likely not be what you do, but realize that if you’re not making moves in this arena daily….hourly! then you are falling behind.

so how do we go about finding your core business values?

Step one is realize that you need to do it tomorrow if you wnat to build something real and something special that lasts.

No, it’s not to early. No your business isn’t too small. YES its that freaking important.

So in a second we can have you guys unmute and we can run a little core values discovery workshop here I think it will be a ton of fun!

but tomorrow, start with that blank paper in front of you, and start listing the things that SO IMPORTANT to you.

Think big.

WHats the one things that drives you more than anything in the world? The things that will get you out of bed for everyday for the rest of your life no matter what happens?

It cant be “build something for my kids”. Thats cool and all, but its highly likely that your kids wnat to build their own shit, especially if they watched you build yours.

It cant be make enough money to quit my job”

Thats a goal not a value.

The value can never ever be accomplished.

MNy number on is to positive impact a life. Theres 8 billion lives. I can never finish.

my number 2 is that if you arent having fun, make it fun. I can never be done chasing that.

The core values guide you FOREVER. Make 1 million is a goal. Get to 100 units is a goal. Bring fun to everyone we can is something that lasts forever. It can never be accomplished.

What are those aims that you have that will always need to be focused on?

Andy may notice here, that the core values are the path to goals.

You want to scale the business large enough to quit your job? Well if you focused heavily on bringing fun to everyone you can, that would sure help in accomplishing that goal!

OK so I need some brave soldiers to unmute and talk here for me in just a second. Im asking nicely! hahaha

But there you go man, thats; how you attract and retain good workers. I wish it was some tactic shit that was black and white I really do, but it’s just not. The world is grey and the path to success looks the same, it’s subtle. It’s nuanced. It’s not LITTERALY.

It’s about defining your core values, living to them, running the business to them and communivcatihg them to the team so they are taking part in something that is fulfilling and brings them purpose.

Ok here we go who’s my brave unmuted front line soldiers here? I want to workshop the core values with you and I want to answer any questions anyone may have on this topic.

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