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19 Rare Motivational Quotes for Salespeople

You have a meeting coming up?

You need some motivational quotes?


You can hop on Pinterest and get 50 whimsical quotes.


You can google it and get About 32,400,000 results (0.54 seconds).

The issue with all those motivational quotes, is that your team has seen them before. They have googled it, and they’ve seen all the same memes that you’re looking at.
They have a Pinterest board called “Inspiration” with those same pins saved to it.

You want something fresh? You want some inspirational quotes that you can’t find on any other site?

I got you!

Here are 13 Motivational Quotes for Salespeople that you haven’t seen before!

-Don’t make excuses, because excuses don’t close deals.

-It’s hard to stop someone that doesn’t give up.

-Finite players play within boundaries; infinite players play with boundaries.

-Luck is important. It’s also a random variable, so it’s about doing everything you need to do to win, and eventually luck will swing your way.

-If you can’t join ’em. Beat ’em.

-Notice the difference between the questions “can I do this?” And “how am I going to do this?”

-A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.

-Focus on the process, and the success will take care of itself

-Great sellers are listeners. The customer, through words and body language, will tell you what you want.

-Absent hard work, no one is really great at anything.

-I don’t need time. What I need is a deadline.

-Master your craft. Don’t let your Craft master you.

-Losers focus on winners. Winners focus on winning.

-Do the things you have to do, so you can do the things you want to do.

-There is no such thing as missed opportutnies…some else just takes the ones that you miss.

-Your ability says WIN. What does your attitude say?

-The dreams are free: Hustle sold separately

-We ben spendin two much time tryin to spel instead of tryin to sel.

-How to never lose…never quit

The list is kept to 19 because you want motivational quotes that can be motivate sales people. It doesn’t take a list of 50 quotes to get you going, and this way you don’t have to dig through some long list to find the good quotes. They’re all gems! These are quotes that you can’t find on any other site.



Check out these quotes from Jocko Willing Navy SEAL.
Jocko Willink is a former United States Navy SEAL and author of Extreme Ownership - How US Navy SEALS Lead and Win. He teaches leadership techniques that he used in battle to apply to business teams. Jocko is INTENSE and inspirational. Here are his most memorable quotes...


Jocko Willink is a former United States Navy SEAL and author of Extreme Ownership - How US Navy SEALS Lead and Win. He teaches leadership techniques that he used in battle to apply to business teams. Jocko is INTENSE and inspirational. Here are his most memorable quotes...

17 Memorable Jocko Willink Quotes

If you know who Jocko Willink is, then you know how intense he is. You also know that he is a very inspirational leader, and is full of amazing quotes! Here are 17 of Jocko’s most memorable quotes.

Jocko Willink is a former United States Navy SEAL commander, and author of seven books:

  1. Extreme Ownership – How Navy SEALS Lead and Win
  2. Discipline Equals Freedom – Field Manual
  3. Way of the Warrior Kid
  4. Way of the Warrior Kid – Marc’s Mission
  5. The Dichotomy of Leadership
  6. Mikey and the Dragons
  7. Way of the Warrior Kid 3

Jocko Willink focuses on teaching the leadership principles that he learned as a the Commander of the SEAL team, Task Unit Bruiser, where he was stationed in Iraq fighting in the Battle of Ramadi. He is the co-owner of the leadership consulting company, Echelon Front where he, along with Extreme Ownership Co-Author Leif Babin, provide practical solutions to create high performance success in professional teams.

Here are the most memorable Jocko Willink quotes to inspire and help you to get going. Start off with one of my personal favorites!

On Hair…
“It’s basically for show…that’s what hair is. It has no purpose other that ‘I look good’. So let’s just godhead and remove that. I don’t care what I look like. I’m here to win.” – Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink Quote about Hair and Winning

“There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.” – Jocko Willink

“A leader must lead but also be ready to follow.” – Jocko Willink

“A leader has nothing to prove, but everything to prove.” – Jocko Willink

“A leader must be humble but not passive; quiet but not silent.” – Jocko Willink

“Combat is reflective of life, only amplified and intensified.” – Jocko Willink

“Get After It” – Jocko Willink

“Good leaders don’t make excuses. Instead, they figure out a way to get it done.” – Jocko Willink

“Discipline equals freedom.” – Jocko Willink

“There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.” – Jocko Willink

“Extreme Ownership is a mind-set, an attitude.” – Jocko Willink

“A leader must lead but also be ready to follow.” – Jocko Willink

“There can be no leadership when there is no team.” – Jocko Willink

“Fight weak emotions with logic; fight the weakness of logic with the power of emotions “– Jocko Willink

On Aggression; “That is what aggression is to me: The unstoppable fighting spirit. The drive. The burning desire to achieve mission success using every possible tool, asset, and strategy and tactic to bring about victory. IT IS THE WILL. TO. WIN”– Jocko Willink

“GET UP. AND. GO. Take the risk, take the gamble, take the first step. Take action. And don’t let another day slip by” – Jocko Willink

“Weakness is strong. I must be stronger” – Jocko Willink

“Good. When things are going bad: Don’t get all bummed out, don’t get startled, don’t get frustrated. No. Just look at the issue and say: ‘Good'” – Jocko Willink

Check out these 13 Bad Ass Connor McGregor Quotes

13 Bad Ass Connor McGregor Quotes
Employee Motivation Quotes

13 Badass Connor McGregor Quotes

Connor McGregor is know for his quick-wit, one-liners, and extremely cocky persona. He’s a trash talking UFC Champion that hails from Dublin, Ireland.

Carrer Highlights:
In 2015 Connor McGregor defeated José Aldo for the UFC Featherweight Championship at UFC 194 via knockout thirteen seconds into the first round. This is fastest title fight in UFC history.
Connor defeated Eddie Alvarez for the UFC Lightweight Championship at UFC 205, and McGregor became the first fighter in UFC history to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously.

Let’s look through some of Connor McGregor’s best quotes;

“There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. -Conor McGregor

Connor McGregor quote on talent

“I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready.” -Conor McGregor

“Winner focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.” -Conor McGregor

“I am cocky in prediction. I am confident in preparation. But I am always humble in victory or defeat.” -Conor McGregor

“Excellence is not a skill. Excellence is an attitude.” -Conor McGregor

“We’re not just here to take part. We’re here to take over.” -Conor McGregor

“Timing beats speed, and precision beats power.” -Conor McGregor

“There are two things I really like to do and that’s whoop ass and look good. I’m doing one of them right now and on Saturday night, I’m doing the other.” -Conor McGregor

“Me and Jesus are cool. I’m cool with all the gods. Gods recognize gods.” -Conor McGregor

“My success isn’t the result of arrogance, it’s the result of belief.” -Conor McGregor

“Nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself. Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good.” -Conor McGregor

“Look out for those who look out for you. Loyalty is everything.” -Conor McGregor

“It’s a tough pill to swallow but we can either run from our adversity or run to our adversity, take it head on and conquer it.” -Conor McGregor

Here is a great highlight reel of some of McGregor’s best knockouts


Check out these 21 memorableJocko Willink quotes. He’s a former Navy SEAL Commander, and author of 3 books; Extreme Ownership, Way of the Warrior Kid, and Discipline Equals Freedom.

Jocko Willink Quote about hair and winning